Documentaries to watch if you’re interested in… English History

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In ‘Documentaries to watch if you’re interested in…’ I try and keep to one specific subject whether it be Tudor England or Missing Person Cases but some documentaries fall through the gaps and don’t make it on lists, which is why I’m making the very vague ‘Documentaries to watch if you’re interested in… English History’.


Hidden Killers of the Home

Available on Youtube;

I’ve mentioned this before in previous posts but it’s such a fantastic and interesting series that I had to give it another mention. Suzannah Lipscomb presents this fascinating series which documents hidden killers of our ancestor’s home, from radium being painted on nearly everything to entrusting children with chemistry sets that had dangerous chemicals with them. It’s a shame there aren’t more episodes but the few that there are are fascinating, and shocking.


Bloody Tales From History

Available on Youtube;

Another Suzannah Lipscomb documentary series, and while this one doesn’t generally just stay on the subject of English history it does often tackle some of the darkest times in our history. I quite like macabre history so this series is perfect for me and others alike, the stories are interesting and well documented.


Fit to Rule; How Illness Changed History

Available on Youtube;

Lucy Worsley is another Historian whose documentaries I find endlessly fascinating. Although her documentaries are usually on a lighter note, they are still extremely interesting, especially this three part series. Delving into the personal lives and health of past monarchs Lucy Worsley documents how their illnesses affected their ability to rule, and how, despite how they are portrayed, monarchs are just like normal people and come down with some of the worst ailments.


Walking Through History

Available on Youtube;

As a proud National Heritage card holder this Tony Robinson series caught my eye, as he walks around Britain on foot visiting historical and mysterious landmarks and explains their importance to the British Isles. It’s fascinating if you want to delve right into the nitty gritty and little pieces of history of our country.


Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty

Available on Youtube;

Allegedly the basis for Game of Thrones, the Plantagenets ruled for three hundred years and brought about one of Britain’s most bloody and shocking periods in history. The Timeline series follows the rise and fall of the Plantagenets, how they became who they were and how they changed Britain.





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