For hundreds of years humans have come together to speculate meanings behind anything from science to your every day life, whether it be simple explanations or ideas bordering on wearing a tin foil hat to hide your thoughts from the government. Pop Culture has become one of the biggest talking points when it comes to conspiracy theories, music stars being part of the Illuminati, MkUltra hiring the rich and famous to brainwash us, and even TV series and what their exact meanings and origins are. Here are 5 TV shows that could not escape the conspiracy theorists.


1. Courage the Cowardly Dog is literally just being a dog.

When you think of messed up childhood cartoons, all nineties kids will point towards Courage the Cowardly Dog, I, personally, was obsessed with Courage and have since questioned my parent’s motive of letting me actually watch this show (maybe they thought Bathtub Barracuda was a good role model?). And although Courage is quite terrifying, in actuality this conspiracy is probably the softest of all the childhood cartoon conspiracy theories. Internet goers have come together to remind everyone of one simple fact; Courage was a dog (the clue was in the title), which is why, some believe, that these monsters that show up to a home in the middle of nowhere are actually just your regular human visitors. The theory is totally plausible, Courage’s owners are old and will barely be even to walk Courage, if even at all, so he won’t know what the outside world will look like, and considering Eustice and Muriel adopted Courage when he was a puppy there’s a slim chance he’s been socialised so any human who came to the door would be seen as a danger or ‘monster’ in Courage’s canine eyes.

Some story lines even point to this theory, with most of the monsters actually looking like people (even the slab man) but with some sort of deformity, and the fact that Eustice and Muriel often interact with them as though they are normal humans. As far as conspiracy theories goes, this is one of the more plausible ones.

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2. Toby is the Scranton Strangler (The Office)

The Scranton Strangler was a background story line that ran throughout the filming of the Office (USA), and although he was later revealed to be a man by the name of George Skub – why was there so much focus on the Scranton Strangler and Toby’s obsession with him? Many fan theorists still believe that Toby was, in fact, the true Scranton Strangler due to a handful of situations and facts that pointed the finger towards the sad sap; Toby became obsessed with the case, and was even put on the jury for the George Skub trial, afterwards Toby felt immense guilt due to feeling that he’d helped put the wrong man away for the murders (because he knew it was himself!), Toby’s whereabouts were unknown while the Dunder-Mifflin team watched the live feed of the Scranton Strangler being pursued. There are several other scenes which point to Toby being the strangler, and if you search the internet you’ll quickly find all you need. Michael Scott may have been right about Toby all along.


3. Dennis is a serial killer (Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Always Sunny is one of my all time favourite sitcoms, and in nearly every episode it has crossed my mind that Dennis Reynolds is a serial killer, and apparently I’m not alone. Throughout the series the characters have changed and developed, as characters do, but Dennis has become the most interesting to watch as he seems to get darker and more unsettling as each episode comes. In the first series he was just some creepy dude who owned a bar, but now that Always Sunny is potentially going into their 13th season Dennis is now showing obvious signs of being a Sociopath. The way he uses his friends for his own gain, his lack of empathy, his idea that he is the most important person in the world, most of his traits fit that of an FBI profiler’s idea of a serial killer and while the writers of Always Sunny haven’t had Dennis actually kill someone yet (maybe Glenn Howerton is waiting for the perfect opportunity…) many fans lean towards the idea that Dennis is a serial killer, or bordering on.

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4. The Rugrats are ghosts that only Angelica can see

One of the more darker fan theories, and one that still intrigues me to this day, is the theory that Angelica made up all of these babies in her imagination to deal with grief and to make friends for herself. It is believed that Angelica is the only actual living child in the series (until later on when Dil arrives) whereas the others are merely ghosts. This famous fan theory doesn’t seem to change when it’s told, Chuckie and his mother were believed to have died (which is why Chuckie’s dad is a nervous reck), the Deville’s had an abortion – leading Angelica to make twins, as the sex was unknown, and Tommy was a still born which is why Stu seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, making toys for a child he never got to play with. While some believe that Angelica was simply just being a child and having imaginary friends, others have delved into darker territories to include the series All Grown Up. The All Grown Up theory states that Angelica has been suffering from schizophrenia since early childhood, it followed her into her adolescents but when she began abusing narcotics her obsession grew and eventually she died of an overdose at the age of 13 (which is why All Grown Up finished). Creepy huh?


5. Eric is in a coma for the rest of That 70’s Show

Ever wondered why there were so many inconsistencies in That 70’s Show? The timeline, for a starters, is all out but I’d always just put that down to the writers wanting to make more than three/four series of That 70’s Show (and well, any more after that would be considered That 80’s Show). But a fan theorist on Reddit suggested that the timeline alters due to Eric being put into a coma in season four, episode 15. It’s the night of the Snow Prom and Eric is on his way to see Donna, during a tornado, missing the fact that a code red warning for the tornado has been issued. Nothing suggests that Eric experienced any danger, but eagle eared listeners on Reddit pointed out that at the very end of the episode, the radio in the background mentions that the code red was lifted, also adding “And updating our top story, a local teen is in critical condition…” Many believe this to be Eric. This is why the timeline becomes so hazy, and in the final series Eric leaves to see how his friends and family will cope if he finally lets go, seeing that they do he gives one final goodbye.

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Even if this theory is true, it still isn’t as crazy as the fact that Hyde and Jackie didn’t end up together.