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The wait for Star Wars Episode VIII is almost over, and as such, the bits of news people seem to be most focused on are the array of new teasers and TV spots that are being pumped out weekly. Each show glimpses of new footage (although perhaps not enough to warrant them all being seperate teasers) that have got fans of the franchise drooling with anticipation.

We’ll check out some of those teasers today, but fortunately, behind the cloud of Star Wars mania, there have been some fascinating bits of news from other franchises that should get cinephiles very excited indeed.

has recreated a good chunk of  for 

Dave & Jame Franco / The Disaster Artist / Picture courtesy of Warner Bros.

At some point in your life, you will have watched Tommy Wiseu’s The Room (and if you haven’t, go do that – it’s a must-see). Dubbed the ‘worst movie ever’, the film was a passion project of Wiseu, who was the star, writer, director and producer; something that is especially unfortunate because nice as he may be, going off The Room, he doesn’t seem to be especially good at any of those things.

Understandably, working on such a project would lead to some amusing anecdotes, which is why Wiseu’s co-star Greg Sestero wrote a book about it. A book which James Franco has now adapted into a film. And that film has been getting stellar reviews.

So seriously, go see The Room, and then go see The Disaster Artist, if you haven’t done either of those things already.

Now, for those you who have already seen the film, a brilliant bit of information has arisen from critics who have had the chance to see it. Namely, that in making The Disaster Artist, Franco and his cast and crew (Which include his brother, James Franco, and his BFF Seth Rogen) have remade thirty whole minutes of the original film.

Not only have they remade it, but apparently the level of intricacy in mimicing the original film is ‘uncanny’. So that means, if you’re a fan of the worst movie ever, you’ll get to enjoy a good chunk of it all over again, whilst enjoying a new film that is being described as ‘charming’, ‘poignant’ and ‘an absolute crowd-pleaser’.

The Disaster Artist breaks into cinemas on December 1st 2017. 


steps into the boots of ’s predecessor, Captain Mar-Vell

Captain Marvel concept art / Picture courtesy of Marvel Studios

For Marvel fans (and superhero fans in general), Captain Marvel is a hotly-anticipated film, not only because it’s a new Marvel movie, but also because it’ll be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female-solo movie.

We already know that Brie Larson will be playing the titular Captain Marvel. We know that Samuel L. Jackson will return as Nick Fury, and the film will be set in the nineties and feature the shape-shifting alien Skrulls. We also know the film will be directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Half-Nelson and Mississippi Grind) and have heard rumours that the villain will be played by Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One).

Now, we know who another major player in the film will be. Perhaps the most important of all (well, cast-wise, outside of Larson). As of this week, we know that Jude Law will be playing Walter Lawson, the human disguise of Mar-Vell, who is the original Captain Marvel.

The reason this is such an integral character to Captain Marvel (the female version’s) story is because it’s through Mar-Vell that she learns of the wider universe and gains her superpowers. And it’s only after her time with him that she moves on to take on his title of Captain Marvel.

While it is a shame that Marvel’s first female solo-film will potentially see the lead character inherit her heroic role from a man rather than just being her own thing, comic fans will no doubt be rejoicing as Mar-Vell is a very important part of the Marvel Universe (His name probably gives that away).

Captain Marvel blasts into cinemas on March 6th 2019.


The Mustachioed Marvel will return in Murder on the Nile

/ / Picture courtesy of 20th Century Fox

The tiniest spoiler for Murder on the Orient Express incoming:

So yeah, assuming you’ve seen the aforementioned film, you’ll know that after that nasty business with a murder on the orient express has been resolved, Poirot has no time to rest, as he is quickly summoned to investigate another case; as he is told “There’s been a murder, sir, on the bloody Nile”.

This line presented two possibilities.

The first was that screenwriter Michael Green was making a joke, referencing another famed novel.

The second, and more obvious, was that the studio was baiting a sequel to Branagh’s film. Branagh went on to say that he would like to make a second film, dependant on the success of the first.

Well, apparently it’s been successful enough, because Fox has revealed that they’ve greenlit a sequel, with writer Michael Green (whose credits also include Logan and Blade Runner 2049) returning (which is great). Branagh is not, as of yet, confirmed to return, but let’s be honest – it’s highly unlikely they would be pushing forward with this if the director/star of the film wasn’t going to come back.

Murder on the Orient Express is in cinemas now. 


A bundle of Star Wars teasers are flying at you from a Galaxy far, far away…

Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley & Adam Driver / / Picture courtesy of Lucasfilm

Well, we’ve powered through that news, and looped back round to Star Wars.

While in previous years, we had to wait months between each new trailer or teaser, over the last week or so, they’ve been pumped out as if Disney and Lucasfilm don’t know this is going to be another smash hit.

Obviously, stop reading now if you’re trying to avoid The Last Jedi details.

First, we got “Awake” which showed us Luke reboarding the Millennium Falcon:

Then, we got “Heroes” which showed Finn’s perspective on the film, following his awakening:

After that, we got “Tempt”, which once again teased a potential turn to the Dark Side for Rey:

And finally, we got “Back”, the first trailer to feature Captain Phasma speaking:

And then, on top of those, if you look to other sites, like ComicBook.com, there are even more teasers floating about, like this one, featuring more space-combat:

Or this one, which gives us some more Luke/Rey dialogue:

They could have released one clip/trailer for this and people would have still gone to see it. Heck, it’s Star Wars, they could have just given us the date and we’d no doubt show up without having seen a thing.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi flies into cinemas on December 15th 2017.

(which is 18 days, two hours and fifty-nine minutes from now – the time of writing – if you’re counting)