There seems to be an unwritten rule among people who are set to get married. What happens on a bachelorette / bachelor party stays there. But what if that memory decides to follow you home and attempts to make you life a living hell?

Enter the charismatic and chiselled good looks of Wes Bentley. The actor plays Patrick in Bram Coppens’ Broken Vows. We are first introduced to Patrick when our protagonist Tara (Jaimie Alexander) is on her bachelorette party. He is a handsome, mysterious bartender, heavily tattoo’d and dangerous looking. The inevitable ends up happening and you think this film is going to be based around Tara’s regret (yawn) but instead it’s Patrick’s inner problems that bubble to the surface.

Broken Vows

The warning signs are put in place early on, when Patrick gets a tattoo of Tara’s name on his arm moments after their one night stand and the whole things starts to unravel from there.

To say Coppens’ film isn’t exactly the most groundbreaking of movies, but what the director does do is gets you invested. You want to know what this creep is planning and how it is ultimately going to affect Tara and her fiance Michael’s (Cam Gigandet) wedding.

Broken Vows

With most of the tension built up from Patrick perusing his latest victim – it is revealed Tara isn’t the first person he has become obsessed with – there is another issue which is brought to light in quite a subtle nature. To his disadvantage Coppens tries too hard to make the film look artistic, when it doesn’t necessarily need it, the natural tension built up through Patrick is enough, but the director seems to almost push his luck.

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Overall the film is one which is an enjoyable ride, but it isn’t one that is going to set the thriller genre alight, but Coppen shows great promise and he does a great job of keeping his cards close to his chest right to the end for the big twist, which does make the whole journey worthwhile.

Broken Vows is out now

Dir: Bram Coppen

Prd: Larry Ladove and Wendy Benge

Scr: Jim Agnew and Sean Keller

Music: David Julyan

Starring: Wes Bentley, Jaimie Alexander and Cam Gigandet