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This week we came close to having no news round-up at all. A devastating thought, I know.

Having just moved house, and lacking internet, I took a break from unpacking and ventured out to a local Costa in my new hometown, on my quest to bring you the news. But catastrophe struck when the laptop I borrowed wouldn’t connect to the WiFi. It was at that moment that I saw the folly of always writing this segment on a Sunday. If you’re without internet, then you may well be stuck because most places with WiFi are closed.

Will I change my ways? Of course not. I’m as stubborn as I am dedicated to news reporting.

But as you’ve probably gathered, the crisis was averted. With everything resolved, it’s time for the news.

This week, it’s a ‘director special’. Read on to find out why:

Deadpool spin-off targets a new writer and director

Picture courtesy of Marvel Comics

Although Marvel started the idea of a comic-book cinematic universe, Fox’s X-Men franchise could arguably be the ones who truly kicked things off. Now seventeen years strong, the X-Men franchise has brought us six X-Men films, three Wolverine spin-offs and a solo Deadpool adventure.

The latter of the three proved far more successful than anyone could have anticipated at the time, and as such, is now starting it’s own sort-of franchise with it’s own spin-offs. Following Deadpool 2, which is set to land next year, we’ll be getting X-Force, which is essentially black-ops X-Men.

In more recent years, the more prominent iterations of the team in the comic books have been rather dark and somber tales, with bleak costumes and assignments that include murdering a child destined to become a super-villain. However, the fact that the film adaptation is spinning out of Deadpool, with some of it’s members, Cable and Domino, arriving in next years sequel, means that the film variant will probably be a more comical, light-hearted affair; but most likely still containing heaps of slaughter.

Now, X-Force has found a writer and director to helm the project. Drew Goddard has been hired to write and direct the film. Goddard’s directing credits include a few episodes of The Good Place and the 2012 horror/comedy Cabin in the Woods, which, in this writer’s opinion, was fantastic.

Goddard was also previously attatched to the Spider-Man spin-off Sinister Six, before it fell through. So it’s nice to know that he’s moved on from that to directing something that’s actually worth making.

 Deadpool 2 slashes its way into cinemas on June 1st 2018.


Old Purge director reveals news on new Purge film, which is based on the old Purge

Picture courtesy of Universal

When The Purge film debuted a few years back, it offered a dark look at what America would be like if it legalized all crime for 12 hours every year. The result was an America where crime (outside of those twelve hours) was pretty much non-existent, and made audiences think ‘Man, I wish that happened in real life; I’d love to off that annoying prick of a bar tender who kept ignoring me and serving LITERALLY EVERYONE AROUND ME that other night, flashing me grins while he did so’. Or maybe that was just me. I went very dark and specific there. That smug bastard really got to me.

But I digress. Since then, the film’s have spawned two sequels, with the most recent one tackling the politics behind the fictional system, as a presidential candidate vows to elimate the Purge forever, and as a result, people want to kill her.

However, despite the film dealing with a potential end to that most murderous night of the year, more Purge-y goodness is still coming. Alongside a TV series, a fourth Purge film is in development. But according to James DeMonaco, creator of the series, it’ll be taking things back to the very first Purge.

Speaking with Vulture, DeMonaco said the following:

“I was wondering how you get people to stay for the first Purge, and what they do is they start monetizing it. People from Staten Island can easily go to Brooklyn for the evening, so what they do is start promising very decent sums of money for the very poor people in the neighborhood. It becomes a monetization of murder and violence, incentivizing killing and keeping people around for them to be victims. So you see the inception of how grotesque the idea of the Purge is, the manipulation upon the society. That’s where it becomes, sadly, I think, very topical right now with the current administration.”

He revealed more about the film while talking about the TV series:

“The TV show takes place between the first Purge and the last movie. We’re kind of right in the middle of all the Purge timelines, so it’s before Charlie Roan. It’s way after the New Founding Fathers of America have come into power. But in the next Purge movie, Purge Four, the NFFA has just come into power and come up with this crazy conceit of the Purge to help a dying economy. So if 20 Purges have taken place, or 15, we’re probably on the seventh or eighth in the TV show. “

So there we go, there’s going to be a whole lot of Purge-ing coming our way.

The first three Purge films are available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download now.


Suicide Squad (also) targets a new director

(I know I’m reusing titles here, but don’t judge me; I’m running out of time before I have to leave the café and return to no internet)
Jay Hernandez, Jai Courtney, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Joel Kinnaman & Karen Fukuhara / Suicide Squad / Picture courtesy of Warner Bros.

Being generous, Suicide Squad was met with a rather mixed critical reception. I’ll be honest, I liked it, and it’s okay if you did too. But I can admit that it’s not the best movie (then again, this is pre-Wonder Woman DCEU, so that was just the status quo, really).

That’s not stopping it from getting a variety of spin-offs and sequels as is the way in contemporary Hollywood. Every now and then, a new director has been floated to helm the sequel, with names like Mel Gibson and Jaume Collet-Serra being forwarded.

Now, however, Warner Bros. seems to have settled on who they want (Although, again, this is the DCEU we’re talking about, so next week’s news may very well be that they’ve lost this new director. See: The FlashThe Batman and Justice League Dark).

Gavin O’Connor has been tapped to direct the film. His previous credits include WarriorJane Got a Gun and The Accountant. I will admit that I haven’t seen the first two, but I loved The Accountant, so that’s me sold. Although seeing as it’s a comic-book movie, I probably would have gone to see it regardless of who was directing. The same could be said for a lot of people, I would imagine.

Let’s just hope this time we get to see the film that the director actually wanted to make, rather than a heavily edited clusterfuck. And let’s hope Jared Leto doesn’t send any more used condoms. That shit’s just nasty.

Suicide Squad 2 is currently expected to drop in 2019. But again, DCEU, so who really knows at this stage.


Collin Trevorrow flies out of a galaxy far, far away

Adam Driver / Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Picture courtesy of Lucasfilm

When Star Wars was sold to Disney, and the world found out that it was finally getting the sequel trilogy promised over 30 years ago, people were pretty excited.

When it was announced that J.J. Abrams was directing Episode VII and Rian Johnson was directing Episode VIII, the excitement continued unabated.

Then it was announced that Colin Trevorrow, director of Jurassic World, was to direct Episode IX, and that’s when people became a bit confused. Sure, Jurassic World was fun, but it’s not exactly A grade cinema. Fortunately for the naysayers, and unfortunately for Trevorrow, he has now left the project.

Like with Phil Lord and Chris Miller on the Han Solo film before him, ‘creative differences’ were cited as why Trevorrow left a directing gig on one of the biggest (and best) franchises of all time. But, as is the way with the internet and Hollywood, the real reason behind Trevorrow’s departure may have come to light.

According to Vulture, a Hollywood executive wishing to remain anonymous said the following:

“During the making of Jurassic World, he focused a great deal of his creative energies on asserting his opinion, but because he had been personally hired by Spielberg, nobody could say, ‘You’re fired.’ Once that film went through the roof and he chose to do Henry, he was unbearable. He had an egotistical point of view— and he was always asserting that.”

Furthermore, his relationship with Lucasfilm head-honcho Kathleen Kenedy was also somewhat rocky, with Vulture quoting the exec as saying it was “unmanagable”. They go on to say:

“When the reviews for Book of Henry came out, there was immediately conjecture that Kathy was going to dump him because they weren’t thrilled with working with him anyway, he’s a difficult guy. He’s really, really, really confident. Let’s call it that.”

Now that Trevorrow is gone, it’s time for us to play the waiting game. Reportedly Lucasfilm has loved working with Episode VIII director Rian Johnson, so maybe a return to the franchise is on the cards?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi flies into cinema December 15th 2017. 


Kong director critiques own movie after critiquing criticism 

Tom Hiddleston & Brie Larson / Kong: Skull Island / Picture courtesy of Warner Bros.

As you’ve probably gathered from this post, ignoring all the fame and money, it can sometimes be hard being a film director. Sometimes you can land a dream gig (Star Wars) only to be fired.

And sometimes, you can be verbally brutalised by “critics” like Cinemasins on YouTube. Such was the case of Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who made his thoughts known about the YouTube channel on his twitter:

As you can see, Roberts is not a fan of Cinemasins (which is kind of understandable; I watched one of their videos recently and it wasn’t so much a critique as much as it was a pedantic rant..) and his reaction sparked a Twitter war of sorts, as people debated the correct etiquette for talking about movies and whether or not directors should just suck it up and take a beating.

Anyway, after appearing as if he couldn’t take the heat, Roberts has since gone on to show that he is more than happy to accept criticism, as he made a guest appearance on the ever-popular ‘Honest Trailers’, which you can watch below:

Good on him. I would say something more insightful, but this café is about to close so I need to round things up. See you next week, WiFi permitting.

Kong: Skull Island is available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download now.