In the series of ‘Documentaries to watch if you’re interested in…’ we have covered everything from murder to the British monarchy, this time we will are recommending a more specific type of documentary, those about missing persons cases.


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Disappeared is a series that has been on air since 2009. It mainly focuses on unsolved missing persons cases but does sometimes discuss missing person cases that have been solved, usually ending in murder. The series interviews family members, police officials, and witnesses that describe the person they know and love in the hours leading up to the day they suddenly disappeared. Some cases seem easy to solve, and other episodes leave you scratching your head.

Who took Johnny Gosch?

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Johnny Gocsh is probably most well known as the first missing person to appear on the side of a milk carton. He was a 12 year old paper boy who suddenly went missing one day in 1969, he’s never been seen or heard from again, apparently. In this documentary we follow the story and investigation with interviews from law enforcement who were on the case, and Johnny’s own mother who claims Johnny once visited her (though this is widely disputed). It’s an extremely interesting case which gives your more questions than answers, but maybe one day we will find out what happened to Johnny Gosch.

Missing 411

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David Paulides is an ex police officer that, for the past fifteen years, has been looking into missing persons cases in American National Parks. It sounds like a very specific and small investigation but actually it’s a bigger problem than you may think. There are numerous missing persons cases with similarities, some people have been found but most of them have been lost to the wilderness and extremely odd conditions. Alternatively, instead of watching their new film you can watch Missing 411 lectures on Youtube, for free

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Real Stories – Snatched

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Real Stories is a documentary series that focuses on many different subjects, I find most of them incredibly fascinating but the one I found most interesting was Snatched. It focuses on a mother from Liverpool who had her children snatched from her own husband, when she contacts Donya al-Nahi, a woman famous for helping in cases to recover children taken abroad during a crime.



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