News coming out of Hollywood has been somewhat lacking this week. Nevertheless, VultureHound has rounded up five of the biggest and best news stories for our weekly round-up.

While there are a few write-ups, the majority of this weeks news comes courtesy of videos and trailers, which means more sourcing and less writing for yours truly, and less reading and more watching for all you fine readers.

With that in mind, read (/watch) on!

and Kong team-up with indie director

, James Allen McCune & Callie Hernandez / Set of Blair Witch / Picture courtesy of Lionsgate

In a twist more unexpected than anything M. Night Shyamalan could ever think up, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have tapped Adam Wingard, director of the recent Blair Witch to helm the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong.

We previously spoke to Wingard’s good friend and frequent collaborator Simon Barrett about Blair Witch, and having seen that film, it’s hard to imagine what the young indie director will do at the helm of a major blockbuster. The majority of Wingard’s work has been focused on horror (or ‘mumblegore’ in some cases) with varying degrees of quality.

Furthermore, there are very few things in his filmography that suggest a knowledge of crafting a brawling monster movie, especially one as important as this.

However, it’s been a big trend in Hollywood recently to snatch up indie directors and thrust them into the world of mainstream blockbusters, and so far, it’s come out with a variety of results. Hopefully, Wingard’s film will lean less towards Josh Trank’s shit-storm experience with Fant4stic, and more towards the magnificence that this film deserves.

Godzilla vs Kong crashes into cinemas May 22nd 2020.


casts three more ‘new mutants’

New Mutants / Picture courtesy of Marvel Comics

We previously covered the fact that New Mutants would try something different with Fox’s  franchise by making the film a horror movie. As that article and its sources predicted, Henry Zaga has joined the cast as Sunspot, and has been accompanied by several others.

Stranger Things‘ Charlie Heaton has joined the film as Sunspot’s best friend, Cannonball, while a newcomer from The Originals, Blu Hunt, will feature as Danielle Moonstar. This rounds out the five mutants mentioned in the films synopsis, as the three new additions join Game of Thrones‘ Maise Williams as Wolfsbane and Split‘s Anna Taylor-Joy as Magik.

For those who aren’t familiar with the characters, here are some quick run-downs: Sunspot is a Brazilian heir to a wealthy business, who can absorb and manipulate solar energy; Cannonball is a Kentucky-born kid with the power to propel himself through the air; Moonstar is a native american telepath who can conjure illusions; Wolfsbane is a girl of Scottish descent, whose powers are not unlike that of a werewolf and Magik is the kid-sister of veteran X-Man Colossus, who can teleport and dabbles in sorcery.

New Mutants flies into cinemas April 13th 2018.


announces 2 will not be called Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise / Top Gun / Picture courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The news people had been waiting for for thirty years came around the other week, as it was announced that Tom Cruise would indeed return for a Top Gun 2. Now, with everyone back on the highway to the danger-zone, Cruise has spoken out about what the title of the new film will be.

Rather disappointingly, it isn’t Top Gun: Danger Zone. Check out Access Hollywood‘s interview with Cruise to see the full details:

Top Gun: Maverick starts filming next year.


Soderbergh returns to the world of heist movies with

& / Logan Lucky / Picture courtesy of Bleeker Street

It’s been a while since a Steven Soderbergh-directed movie has been in cinemas. While Soderbergh has produced Citizenfour, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus and written the sequel to his film Magic Mike, it’s now been four years since the last feature film he directed, Side Effects and five whole years since the aforementioned Magic Mike.

But now, the wait for a new Soderbergh film is over, as the director of Oceans ElevenOceans Twelve and Oceans Thirteen, now brings us Logan Lucky; a film starring Channing Tatum, Riley Keough, Adam Driver and all showcasing some beautiful southern accents.

You can check out said accents in the trailer below:

Logan Lucky breaks into cinemas August 18th 2017.


drops trailer after months of hyping us up for 

/ Murder on the Orient Express / Picture courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Another trailer with even more put-on accents. This time however, we’re leaning towards European, as we get the first trailer for Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express, in which Branagh plays the lead role of and dons an incredibly zany mustache.

You can check out the trailer below:

While it’s easy to get excited by the horde of great actors frequenting this trailer, which the video spotlights, it’s also easy to be baffled by Branagh’s choice of intense and somewhat bizarre mustache.

But, however this film turns out, we can always be grateful that the film brought and Daisy Ridley together and delivered us this series of hilarious videos, wherein Gad constantly hassles Ridley for answers about the upcoming Star Wars film The Last Jedi:

Murder on the Orient Express races into cinemas on November 3rd 2017, while Star Wars: The Last Jedi lands in cinemas December 15th 2017.