The trailer for the  sequel dropped today, answering a few questions audiences may have had and bringing up several new ones; the most important of which being… How prominently will our beloved Rhys Darby feature in the film?

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle centres around four teenagers, who, while cleaning out the school basement during detention, are sucked into a video-game and transformed into the game’s avatars; Dr. Smolder Bravestone (), Franklin “Moose” Finbar (), Ruby Roundhouse () and Professor Shelly Oberon ().

It’s hard to get a fix on this one. While one could question Johnson’s success playing a character with a teenager-like mindset after Central Intelligence, or judge it by director Jake Kasdan’s previous films, the critically maligned Bad Teacher and Sex Tape (although he did also direct the very well recieved Walk Hard), all-in-all, this still looks like it could be a fun ride – particularly in regards to Jack Black. Check out the trailer below:

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle hits cinemas December 20th 2017.