An adaptation of the acclaimed video-game series, , has been brewing for a long time now. While the project once had David O. Russell set to direct with Mark Wahlberg playing the lead role of Nathan Drake, things have changed quite a lot since then, especially in light of the newest casting addition.

, the latest actor to play the role of Spider-Man, has been cast as a young Nathan Drake. The films will focus on Drake in his youth, acting as a prequel to the games.

Despite having a completed R-Rated script from Joe Carnahan (The A-TeamThe Grey),  have opted to scrap that in favour of starting over with a new angle on the adaptation. The story will be completely rewritten, with the film losing its R-Rating.

The change of plans came around after Tom Rothman, the chairman of Sony’s Motion Picture Group, saw the latest cut of , and decided to build another franchise around the 20-year-old actor.

Shawn Levy (Real Steel, Stranger Things), who replaced David O. Russell, is still attached to direct, but for now, the story, direction and almost everything else we thought we knew about this film is up in the air.

Tom Holland will next appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming, out July 7th 2017.