When it comes to film genres like horror, you don’t always know what you’re going to get. It may turn out to be something fantastic, such as Get Out, or a waste of your time, like The Bye Bye Man.

The reason for that could be that any concept could theoretically be turned into a horror movie. But it’s the execution that makes or breaks it. In spite of that, however, we can pretty confidently anticipate how the upcoming horror SELFIE FROM HELL is going to turn out.

Check out the new trailer:

The press release for the film reveals that it is aimed at the ‘millennial and much sought after Generation Z demo’, which I personally find quite insulting. We’re better than this, right?

I’ll just drop the synopsis here and then leave you to figure out if we are indeed better than this and what the world is coming to. Note that, interestingly, the bio itself doesn’t mention ‘selfies’, as if it had started to clock on in post that this was a bad idea:

“Julia, an online blogger from Germany, comes to the US to visit her cousin Hannah.  When Julia falls fatefully ill, unusual happening start taking place in Hannah’s home, compelling her to begin a relentless internet search to discover the cause of the strange and sudden illness. Hannah checks Julia’s latest blog entries only to find herself immersed in the darknet and lured into the blackroom – a place where terror knows no end.”

SELFIE FROM HELL is screening today at the Cannes Film Festival. 

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