The comedic writing/directing/producing powerhouse duo of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg seem to have landed on their next project.

After hit successes writing films such as Pineapple Express and Superbad, to directing experience from This is the End and The Interview, the pair are more than familiar with bringing the the ‘surprising, edgy and shocking’ to the screen.
That makes them well-suited for adapting Invincible, as those are all words the comic’s creator, Robert Kirkman has used to describe his fourteen-year-long run on the Image Comics title, which is due to conclude next year.

Furthermore, the pair are no strangers to comic-book adaptations, having brought the DC Comics Vertigo title Preacher to TV just last year, alongside fellow producer Sam Catlin.

Invincible began publication way back in 2003, just a few months ahead of Kirkman’s other hit comic series The Walking Dead, and has been written solely by Robert Kirkman for its entire run. The comic follows teen hero Mark Grayson, who has inherited his powers from his father, the extraterrestrial super-hero Omni-Man. With his amazing strength, speed, flight, invulnerability and healing-factor, Mark struggles with becoming a superhero as he engages in a variety of fantastical and often extraordinarily bloody and violent adventures.

In a joint statement, Rogen and Goldberg said “We will not sleep until the movie is perfect! No matter how much damage it causes our bodies, minds, and our most intimate relationships with those we love, we will not rest until ‘Invincible’ is as great a movie as it deserves to be”.
Series creator Kirkman added “With the team of Rogen, Goldberg and Universal, I’m very confident this will be another superhero movie, in a long line of superhero movies that continues to prove that it’s a viable, thrilling genre that will keep people coming to the cinema for years to come.”

Although no release date has been set, Kirkman will produce Invincible alongside Rogen and Goldberg (who will also write and direct) for Universal Pictures.

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