The past couple of days haven’t been easy on fans of ol’ Arnold Schwarzenegger. While they may still be able to enjoy him in newer films, like Aftermath, those clamouring for some of his classic characters to come back may have no such luck.

First up came the news that he had been offered a role in the newest Predator film, directed by Arnie’s own Predator co-star Shane Black.
And that he’d turned it down.

After speaking with Yahoo!, Arnold explained that he had read the script for the upcoming Predator film and “didn’t like it”. However, from his full response, and the response of Shane Black (seen below), it seems that Arnie wouldn’t have had enough to do in the new movie, but is potentially up for returning if the script gets a rewrite:

The next devastating blow came when the producer of the upcoming Legend of Conan movie, Chris Morgan, revealed that the movie wasn’t ‘upcoming’ at all.

Because, y’know, it’s not happening.

The Legend of Conan (which wasn’t the definite title, but the favourite) would have seen Arnie return to the role of Conan and pick up thirty years after his second movie, having ascended to the role of king. But according to Morgan, after an ‘awesome’ script had been written and presented to Arnie, who was very much excited for it… the studio scrapped it, citing the budget as being too big, an uncertainty about the title, and a lack of relevance in the marketplace.

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If you’re in need to some good news after all that, Arnie has recently said that he’d be up for doing another superhero flick, like Batman.

That’s something, right? Right?

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