If the state of television these days tells us anything, it’s that the world is still very much under the thrall of the zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead is still owning the airwaves, whilst the likes of Z-Nation and i-Zombie continue to garner cult followings.

With such a saturation of walkers, it’s difficult to come up with something fresh and original. As such, it’s nice to see a spark of innovation in Norwegian-born writer/director Martin Sofiedal’s satirical post-apocalyptic short, Instapocalypse.

In the aftermath of an outbreak, two survivors, Andrew (Patrick Finzi) and Claire (Cecille Svendsen) have been wandering the woods together in search of supplies. Banter ensues, culminating in a discussion about how much they have been missing the joys of social media. Thus, when they stumble upon a working iPhone, a hilarious fight ensues as the two desperately struggle to find out just how many likes they’ve had since humanity, and more importantly their phones, got cut off.

A scathing commentary of our modern-day reliance and obsession with social media, Instapocalypse pokes fun at our need for likes, our everyday #FirstWorldProblems in choosing which filter is needed, as well as the importance we place on our online social standing. The first reaction of finding a phone is not to call for help, but simply to check our Stories. “The last thing I posted was a picture of an egg sandwich and I HAVE to see if my hashtags worked!”. Utter genius.

The script is concise, and our two leads pull it off with aplomb. Indeed, the film is so very well shot it feels like a deleted scene from TWD itself (with less meandering and much more commentary), right down to the semi-sepia lighting and a crackin’ zombie.

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Having already landed itself an official selection at the Cinequest Film and VR Festival, as well as winning the Awardeo Video of the Week, Instapocalypse is now making its way around the festival circuit, and Sofiedal is sure to raise a few eyebrows with this smart little film. Check out the movie below, and be sure to stalk them on social media…

Director: Martin Sofiedal

Writer: Martin Sofiedal

Starring: Patrick Finzi, Asbjorn Roen Halsten, Cecille Svendsen

Producer: Alexander Balchen

DOP: Magnus Owe

Year: 2016

Runtime: 4mins

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