Child psychologist Mike Painter, played by Paul Schneider, returns to his home town, Iron Hill, where his brother was murdered years previously by an unknown killer. Unknown to the people who still reside there the murderer appears to be back, but so is an innocent children’s television programme that hasn’t been aired since the murders.

Based on the Creepy Pasta ‘Candle Cove’, Channel Zero is a dark series that was premiered in the US in October 2016. Web cartoonist Kris Straub’s creepy vision has been brought to life in this brilliant series that is as eerie as it is ingenious.

The whole of series one follows the story of a psychologist that is returning home after 30 years to help finally solve the murder of five children in the 1980’s, which included his twin brother, Eddie. As Mike returns home so does a television series that brings back the memories which surrounded the mysterious deaths. As far as Mike can tell there is a clear connection between the murders and the kid’s TV show though he has a hard time convincing his childhood friends who just remember the murders and show as a bad memory.

Filled with tension and creepy characters from Candle Cove, Channel Zero’s creator Nick Antosca has imagined a fascinating world you wouldn’t like to be a part of. It’s different from so many other TV shows, which is where it wins with so many people, it’s a twisted story with so much darkness to it that it’s hard not to be captured by it.

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Channel Zero is available on Amazon and has been renewed for a second season, which will be based on the Creepy Pasta No End House.

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