The trailer for the fifth installment in the series landed last night, and brings with it a lot of questions: What is going on here? Is that giant planet thing Cybertron or something cooler (ie. Unicron)? What will blow up this time? And will he end his tenure on the franchise on a high or a low?

Have a look at the trailer below and see if you can figure out any of those answers for yourself:

Returning cast-members , , Josh Duhamel, , , and are joined by Sir  for Michael Bay’s last hurrah.

The film sees return to the stars to find out more about his creators, and in the process discovers something that spells trouble for both humanity and the Autobots; something that will answer the question ‘what makes Earth so important in the Transformers universe?’ (y’know, besides the fact that all the main characters live there).

Transformers: is out in cinemas June 23rd 2017.