Every actor worth their merit will at one point be a part of a film that changes movies forever, one that will be written about in history books and one with a tagline in it that no can forget… for Michael Caine that such film is the brilliant The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Bet you thought I was going to say The Italian Job.

Every Christmas the classic films are shoved down are throats whether it’s George Bailey screaming “Merry Christmas” down the street or Tim Allen donning the clothes of a man who’s just fallen off his roof and died. But The Muppet Christmas Carol is largely under appreciated when it comes to the festive genre, it’s even looked over for other version of A Christmas Carol… even Scrooged, but to me The Muppet Christmas Carol is the ultimate Christmas film.


It has everything; singing Muppets, singing vegetables, singing Michael Caine… Every year for as long as I can remember I’ve sat down in front of the TV and given The Muppet Christmas Carol a watch, every Christmas, every single year. It’s got its faults, I’ll admit, it’s the most classic Christmas story ever told narrated by the Great Gonzo and I’m sure Charles Dickens would be turning in his grave if he ever saw what became of his beautiful tale. But for me, it’s everything. It brings out the kid in me as I sit glued to the TV screen becoming so excited for Christmas.

Its plot is basic, it’s a retelling of Charlie Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, with added bits that include Muppets, not to mention it also has the creepiest looking Ghost of Christmas Future that has ever graced the historical story. Michael Caine became the perfect Scrooge in that setting, and I mean it when I say it’s his finest acting role, he really gave Scrooge a personality like no other actor before him, we hated him but we could relate to him also.

For as long as the world spins I will love The Muppet Christmas Carol, without a doubt and even as I sit now all I can think of doing is sticking on the DVD.


*Special shout out to Beaker too for his finest acting role.

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