It is a cliche to say that travelling cleanses the soul, but when you are left to find your feet in an unknown country, it really does come down to sink or swim.

Till We Meet Again may sound like the story of every single person who has ever gone travelling around the globe to “discover themselves,” but as the film unravels, there is a deeper meaning to this journey of self-discovery.

Bank Tangjaitrong’’s film follows a disenchanted young couple from New York and the separate paths they follow during a quest to find themselves and reawaken their relationship in Thailand.

Erik (Johan Matton) comes across as the needy partner of Joanna (Linnea Larsdotter), who is struggling to deal with the overbearing nature of her other half and is looking to use this time in a foreign land to find exactly what she is looking for out of life.

An argument ensues and the couple decide to go their separate ways, which we as the audience follow simultaneously.

Till We Meet Again

It is Erik’s vulnerability which really draws this reviewer to him and to take his side in the argument, which sees Joanna basically run into the arms of her good friend David (Emrhys Cooper).

The audience sees all the different scenarios running through Erik’s head as he deals anxiously with being away from the woman he loves, until a chance meeting with backpacker Miranda (Astrea Campbell-Cobb) changes the aspiring writer’s perspective on things, and the frown which plastered on his face throughout the film’s first half is transformed into a beaming smile.

Tangjaitrong appears to pull everything off surrounding this multi-layered film with ease. The backstory between Erik and Joanna is teased in bite-sized flashbacks of New York – these scenes were filmed two-and-a-half years prior to the Thailand scenes to achieve the characters’ different appearances – and it is the final flashback which puts everything into perspective.

When the pair are reunited, a lot has since happened – Joanna regrets her decision to hook-up with David and Erik has let go of his hang-ups and become himself. Their roles have also been very much reversed, with Erik now the stronger of the two, finding the spark he needed to continue travelling, let go and go with the flow.

Till We Meet Again

Having already received critical acclaim at the Long Beach International Film Festival and The IndieFEST Film Awards, it is hard to see how Till We Meet Again will not gain further notoriety.

This beautifully-shot tale is a story that so many couples may encounter during their relationship, and it is a real and true depiction of two people’s journey.


Dir: Bank Tangjaitrong

Scr: John Matton

Cast: John Matton, Linnea Larsdotter, Emrhys Cooper and Astrea Campbell-Cobb

Prd: John Matton, Sebastián Gonella and Bank Tangjaitrong

Music: Dexter Britain

Country: Thailand / USA 

Year: 2016

Run Time: 102 minutes

Till We Meet Again  will have a limited theatrical release from 22nd November and is available to download here.

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