Ghost Adventures is a show that has been running for eight years and is now well into its 13th season. Through the years the show has been accused of being fake, but a large population agree that what Zak, Nick, Billy, Aaron, and Ray record is hard evidence. We have compiled a list at Vulture Hound of the 10 best episodes of Ghost Adventures with some of the most compelling and scariest evidence that there is life beyond death.

10. Fox Hollow Farm

Season 9; episode 9

I think what made this one of the spine-chilling episodes was that some of the murders and the investigation had happened in my life time. A lot of the time on Ghost Adventures it’s easy to distance yourself, lull yourself into remembering that whatever happened in that Lockdown area happened years ago, but not at Fox Hallow Farm. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Herb Baumeister’s death, he killed himself before he was brought to trial, in fact there are still bones being found on his old property (where he murdered his victims).

  1. Villisca Axe Murder House

Season 4; episode 13

In 1912, Iowa, six children slept soundly in their beds, and four of the children’s parents slept in a room nearby, they were all brutally murdered with an axe but no one was ever accounted for the crime. The guys from Ghost Adventures picked up a lot of EVP’s that would make anyone feel uneasy, what was heard was “I…Killed…Six…Kids?”, “yer gonna give up blood!” and “cause they don’t step into heaven yet” by the sounds of it all of these EVPs were from the murderer, yikes!

  1. Salem Witch House
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Season 4; episode 18

This one is more of the history, Salem is rich in macabre history and Ghost Adventures finally made their way to it in season four. There is a lot of evidence caught in this episode, from intelligent responses and even Zak feeling a deep sadness as though he can feel the spirit of a child that had died.


  1. Zozo Demon

Season 10; episode 3

This episode is chilling because of the amount of evidence that has been stacked up over the years of the existence of a demon who calls himself Zozo. Maybe people claim to have spoken with him on a Ouija board and when they do all hell breaks loose, just as it does when the Ghost Adventurers investigate the famous demon.

  1. Bobby Mackay’s Music World

Season 1; episode 1

In the first episode ever of Ghost Adventures we see some of the best evidence they have caught on tape. Bobby Mackay’s Music World is renowned for the spirits that live inside of it, so it was only right for the first episode of Ghost Adventures to be set here. In some of the more shocking evidence Zak receives multiple scratches on his back, and all the investigators claim that a dark force followed them home.

  1. Northern New Jersey Lunatic Asylum

Season 1; episode 6

Not a very sensitively worded name but as mentioned above; the Ghost Adventures team head into historical buildings where political correctness never existed. In this episode we see the investigators get lost numerous times, without knowing how, Nick even gets locked in the morgue by himself and captures a chilling EVP that simply shouts “DIE”, and as Nick goes to leave the morgue an orb is seen flying into him.

  1. Magnolia Plantation
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Season 2; episode 4

The Magnolia Plantation has a plethora of brutal history, many slaves were brought to work on this cotton plantation and many of those died in horrific ways. In this episode Zak and the team perform a b6dc5b6da225678a8463a10a93c8c828546bd4a7bb44d25931877fb5efe291b7_1voodoo ritual and even capture an image of what appears to be a woman’s face emerging from a candle.

  1. Point Sur Lighthouse

Season 7; episode 3

While this episode isn’t the scariest it does capture an actual apparition on camera, which just makes it a creepy episode! The apparition is caught walking in a strange manner alongside the Oceanside Path.

2. Old Fort Erie

Season 4; episode 12

Erie by name, eerie by nature. In the war of 1812 many lives were lost, and it’s at Old Fort Erie where they all the dead seem to reside. It seems that the ghosts still have war on their mind as they are captured saying “War” “Hit” “Killed for it” on the word data base. Also, a shadowy figure is caught in the kitchen.

  1. Poveglia Island

Season 3; episode 2

Poveglia Island has a rich history of death and pain. It was an island once used to house criminals, and it was also used to send the dead bodies of the plague victims in Europe. In this episode there are so many different pieces of evidence to number, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

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