Yesterday, actress Rose McGowan tweeted out an open letter to Hollywood:

Although McGowan doesn’t outright state what the letter is about, it comes days after her reveal that she was raped by a Hollywood executive. Using the hashtag, #WhyDontWomenReport, McGowan went on to reveal that the assault was and ‘open secret’ in Hollywood,

McGowan’s latest reveal (she has previously called out fellow actors and industry workers alike over similar issues) comes on the heels of the many accusations put towards Donald Trump about sexual assault. According to the website Bust, the second presidential debate between Trump and Clinton has acted as a ‘trigger’ for the issue, encouraging many to come out and share their experiences.

This wave of courage has brought to light the actions of many aggressors. The entertainment industries in particular, have been abuzz with the news, with the news targeting people ranging from the former Apprentice host and Presidential candidate himself, to lesser knowns such as Devin Faraci, now-former Editor-in-Chief of Birth.Movies.Death.

With more and more stories coming out each day, maybe we may finally get to the point where people take heed to McGowan’s words, and start doing “the right thing” when it comes to dealing with sexual assault.

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