What starts as some harmless fun between a teenage girl looking to fit in and an older female who is looking to nurture her beauty, the tale quickly leads viewers down a much darker path.

Lost Girls tells the harrowing story which so many unsuspecting females find themselves in, the world of sex trafficking

The end scene of Julia Verdin’s short film gives for some quite shocking statistics, reporting that more than 3.5million people around the world are involved in sex trafficking, with 21 per cent of those being minors.

This film, which clocks in at just under half-an-hour doesn’t only paint a disturbing picture of what is happening across the globe, but also aims to bring more attention to the subject and help find the hundreds of thousands of young girls who go missing due to being abducted.

Lost Girls is the story of a young beautiful woman called Kara (Bar Paly) who is in an abusive relationship with Greg (Will Brandt) who forces her to recruit teenage girls as new prospects for ruthless trafficker Romina (Marisol Nichols).

Lost Girls

The latest target for Kara is a young Christian girl by the name of Marisol (Cristina Cibrian), who Kara convinces to come to a party with her, which will make her the envy of all her friends.

Next thing she knows she is locked up in a cage before being confronted by Romina.

After the vindictive trafficker threatens Marisol’s mum (Siena Goines) she has no choice but to fall in line.

Verdin takes a very dark and grim look into the world of sex trafficking and makes the viewer believe that there really is no hope for these young girls.

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Even Kara being manipulated by her boyfriend and her ‘Boss’, the audience is left questioning is this what is really like for these people?

A second encounter between Kara and Marisol leads to the former having an attack of a guilty conscious as the image of the young faithful girl she helped abduct screams out for help.

Lost Girls

A gift  in the form of a rosary she receives from Marisol in an earlier scene is sitting on her bedside table acts as an unexpectedly reminder of the faith she once had, sick and tired of her way of living and getting clarity on the cycle of abuse she has found herself in, she finally gains the courage to right her wrongs by alerting the police of Romina’’s operation.

In the short space of 24 minutes Lost Girls has your heart racing and also offers up some gut wrenching feelings that won’t sit very comfortably with many viewers.

The closing moments are a reminder of how real this problem is and how it continues to be so to this day.


Dir: Julia Verdin

Scr: Julia Verdin, Janet Odogwu

Cast: Bar Paly, Will Brandt, Marisol Nichols, Cristina Cibrian, Siena Goines

Prd: Mike Acosta

Country: USA

Year: 2016

Runtime: 24 mins