We all know the rules, we all know what can happen, chaos, destruction, green goo everywhere. What starts out as something so innocent can turn into a living hell and that is the beauty of Gremlins 2. This batch of monsters is new, improved and one is even able to explain what they want. They want what everyone else wants, civilization Fred, that’s what they want.

To celebrate the release of the new Premium Collection of Blu-rays, and that this is the first time Gremlins 2 has been released on Blu-ray in the UK, Warner Brothers hosted a special screening at their London offices, which was decorated with a few life size models of Batman and Superman and I mean more than one set of these were hanging around.

Before the screening, everyone had the chance to play the new Lego Dimensions game featuring all your favourite characters from across the Warner Bros catalogue, including the new Ghostbusters gang, Newt Scamander from the upcoming release Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and everyone’s favourite mogwai, Gizmo.


Just before the main event, we were also treated to message from Zach Galligan who shared with us one of his favourite memories from the set of the film. He recalled the day the cast and crew bought a cake for the late Christopher Lee to celebrate his 200th film and how the great actor broke his serious demeanor but smiling and saying how touched he was. An unusual moment to share but made the film that little bit more special knowing this fact.

Moving from Kingston Falls to New York City and more specifically, the Clamp Enterprises building where Billy (Zach Gilligan) and Kate (Phoebe Cates) now work. Clamp Enterprises is taking over the city almost and seems have to anything you could ever need or want housed in the building, including a laboratory that experiments on animals run by Dr Catheter (Christopher Lee). Gizmo finds himself caught in a cage but is soon rescued by Billy.

But this wouldn’t be a Gremlins film without those three golden rules being broken. Its not long before Gizmo gets himself sprayed with water and those unpleasant little monsters appear. Its all down hill from here for Billy, Kate and eccentric billionaire Daniel Clamp, as well as the rest of the employees in the building. Thing only get worse, yet very amusing, when the gremlins set off the sprinklers in a TV studio, some also find their way in the Dr Catheter’s experimental test tubes with some terrifying results. The aim of this nightmarish game is to stop the gremlins from leaving the building and unleashing them onto the city.

Managing to poke fun at itself in several ways, most notably the Brain Gremlin who seems as he knows what he’s saying but still shoots another gremlin live on TV. The film is also delightfully littered with references to others films as well having Hulk Hogan appear for a cameo while breaking the fourth wall. It’s bizarre and it really hasn’t aged (unless you pay close attention to the technology) meaning, it’s still as fun as it was years before and was a treat to watch on the big screen.


Dir: Joe Dante

Scr: Charles S. Haas

Cast: Zach Gilligan, Phoebe Cates, John Glover, Robert Prosky, Haviland Morris, Dick Miller, Jackie Joseph, Robert Picardo and Christopher Lee

Prd: Michael Finnell

DOP: John Hora

Music: Jerry Goldsmith, Carl Stalling (Looney Tunes)

Country: USA

Year: 1990

Runtime: 106 mins

Gremlins 2: The New Batch, part of the Premium Collection is out on Blu-ray now!




By KatieHogan

Katie has been writing about film for 10 years and joined the FH team back in 2016. Having been brought up on the classics from Empire Strikes Back to Marx Brothers’ A Night at the Opera, Katie has been obsessed with film since she was young and turned to writing about film after she immersed herself in her 6,000 word essay about the Coen Brothers.