Having tackled big profile franchises such as Fast & Furious and moving on, more recently, to , director is now returning to the world of high speed blockbusters with .

Based on the toy brand of the same name, Hot Wheels has been in development since 2003. Originally set to be directed by McG (director Joseph McGinty Nichol) and produced by Columbia Pictures, the film fell in and out of development after McG took a step back from the director’s chair in favour of producing.

Interest in the franchise was revamped in 2011, after the success of . In that span of eight years, various films were cited as the sort of tone each creator planned to take the movie in, ranging from a Back to the Future-esque dimension hopping film, to a grittier Mission Impossible style picture. What direction Justin Lin will take the film in is unknown at this time. But one can assume that as it was his film, Fast Five, that revitalised interest in the project, it will most probably be leaning towards the edgier, Fast & Furious style.

Upon release, Hot Wheels will be one of many live-action films adapted from toy lines, including the and franchises from and Mattel’s own upcoming , and even .