It’s been something of an on-going joke that the designers at Pokemon have been running out of ideas for a while now. And let’s face it, twenty years on, and seven-hundred-and-something pocket monsters now making up the roster, there was always going to come a point when things got a little stale.

This week saw the release of the brand spanking new trailer for this year’s Pokemon Sun and Moon, the seventh generation of the beloved monster catching franchise, to be released on 3DS this November.

Amidst the awesome new graphics and truly 3D gameplay, the biggest news was that of our three new starter Pokemon; Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

ダウンロード (1)

Now, it’s undeniable that no set of starter Pokemon will ever beat the iconic holy trinity of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle (though the Sinnoh trio of Diamond and Pearl came pretty close), but it has to said that at first glance, these new three leave something to desire.

Grass type Rowlet, an owl, is somewhat pale in comparison to the classic Hoothoot and its badass evolution Noctowl, whilst the clownish seal Popplio is… well… Do we really need a circus seal? We’ve already had a charming pinniped in the form of the aptly named Seal, and this camp little chap seems a rather lazy design for a showrunner.

That said, fire type Litten looks pretty cool, and could even have stood up amongst the original 151. Currently a clear choice.

What anime fans are wondering, however, is how these new beasts will fit into the show. Of the three, my money is on Rowlet being Ash’s first choice. After all, he’s always in need of a decent flying type. Popplio at first glance is goofy enough to sit amongst Clemont’s menagerie, or perhaps its “cutesiness” will charm young Bonnie. That is, assuming Misty doesn’t make one of her all too few and far between cameos to snap up yet another water type.


That leaves Litten to fall to one of two characters.  Sure, it could be a nice addition to Serena’s foxy collection, but personally, I’d like to see the long-awaited return of Gary Oak, back to his former arrogance, this time with what we can only hope will be a fully-evolved flaming tiger!

Of course, only time will tell, and over the next few months we’re sure to see a vast array of bizarre and beautiful creatures busting into the Poke-world.

Let’s just hope there’s not an evolved Klefki…

Pokemon Sun and Moon are out on Nintendo 3DS from 18th November.