This Halloween, FOX is doing the Time Warp again, with a brand-new production of Richard O’Brien’s 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

A reimagining of the original movie, the made for TV special follows our infamous sweethearts Janet Weiss (Victoria Justice, Victorious) and Brad Majors (Ryan McCartan, Liv & Maddie ), who, after breaking down in a storm, stumble upon Dr Frank N. Furter’s (An intriguing casting of Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox) bizarre abode, just in time for him to showcase the birth of his newly created sex toy, Rocky (Staz Nair, Game of Thrones).

Most excitingly, however, the remake feature Tim Curry, who brought the iconic show to life with his original portrayal of sweet transvestite Frank, in the role of the criminologist narrator.

Check out the trailer below, and prepare to do the Time Warp all over again!

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