Perhaps one of the saddest ironies of being a television writer is that amidst reviewing the constant stream of new releases, it’s nigh on impossible to actually sit down and watch something that you really want to. As such, this week’s What We’re Watching is a rag-tag collection of Netflix-based guilty pleasures, squeezed in as and when real life allows…


Good Morning Call

Netflix has finally hit Japan, and with it comes a spate of all new Netflix Original Series from the Far East. The first of these comes in the fluffy bunny shape of Good Morning Call, the long-awaited live action adaptation of Yue Takasuka’s much-loved manga. The story revolves around two high school kids (Moe Arai and Shunya Shiraishi) who, through a series of bureaucratic mistakes, end up sharing an apartment. As the two attempt to hide their secret new living arrangements from their classmates, and their newfound feelings from each other, cue much hilarity and silliness. It’s twee, it’s daft and it’s utterly fantastical, but Good Morning Call is infectiously charming and has an annoying propensity for addictive cliffhangers.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The adorable adventures of Kimmy have made a welcome return this month, and though season two has made some huge changes in the show’s structure; Jacqueline’s new-found poverty, Titus’ new relationship, and a sad lack of Dong, it remains one of the funniest sitcoms we’ve seen in years. Highlights so far include the musical episode in which Titus struggles with the concept of happiness, and Lillian’s continued decent into insanity. Admittedly, I’m not much of a fan of Tina Fey’s drunken psychiatrist, and the show does seem to have a little less direction now that the secret of the mole women is out of the bag (or bunker), but the madness is still a welcome relief from humdrum.



Back when the MNU first started, we were all so very excited. Season one of Daredevil was one of the greatest surprises Marvel have thrown at us, well… ever! That was followed by the arguably even better Jessica Jones, and the world waited on tender hooks for what was coming next. Then the Punisher was announced. And we wet ourselves. But, and I hope I’m not alone in this, season two has kind of sucked. I find myself uninterested and, at times, utterly bored. Whereas season one was binged over the course of four or five days, I’ve been dipping in and out of season two in two-episode splurges for the last month. It’s just not fun; Matt is a douche; Elektra is dull; Punisher, once arrested, is a bit pointless, and, most importantly, there’s a bloody great Fisk-shaped hole in the show. We expect better, Marvel, and you know it.


Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

When the new movie was announced, I was excited. Then the cast was announced. And I wasn’t. In my mission to watch the entirety of the show prior to the film’s release, I’ve so far just reached the introduction of Titanus. So, a long way to go yet. Sure, it’s not aged particularly well, but watching this huge piece of my childhood back again is somehow life-affirming, causing ripples up the spine every time that infamous megazord music kicks in. And dear lord do I love Trini… RIP Thuy…