The Children Who Built Victorian

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If you’ve been outside in the past sixty or so years you will imagine Victorian Britain as Dick Van Dyke smiling smugly with brush (as pictured above), and while that’s a lovely image it is also far from the truth. The building of the Industrial Revolution was the first time children’s experiences were widely documented, and how much they were exploited was also documented. This documentary shows the jobs of the children in the , from Chimney Sweeps to Glass collectors – the children in Victorian Britain were given some of the most dangerous jobs.


Hidden Killers Of The Victorian Home

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Ever heard the term “Safe as houses”? no? Neither have I, but apparently the Victorian’s coined it, which is a wonder when you look into their homes, and the amount of perals they let themselves in for, from killer wallpaper to home comforts that were laying in wait to kill their children (you know, if they got home from their job alive).


The Horrific World Of England’s Workhouse

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Charlie Chaplin documented in his autobiography (Chaplin) how God awful his time was in the Workhouse he was put into when his mum was unable to look after him. There were two choices – starve on the street or turn to the Workhouse, most chose the Workhouse though there is question as to why they would choose such a horror.


Queen Victoria’s Empire

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It’s not all doom and gloom, the British Empire was once upon a time something to be proud of, and this documentary delves into the fascinating life of one of Britain’s longest running Monarchs, Queen Victoria.