This week Sam Hawxwell tells us what’s caught her eyes on the small screen.

Modern Family


Since watching Parks and Recreation I’ve completely fallen in love with documentary style TV shows, and Modern Family is the latest in my collection of ‘must watch’. I’ve only recently began watching the show and within the first few episodes I was in love. It’s exactly what it says on the box; modern – and it’s what TV families have needed for a long time, a family that the 21st century can identify with. I’ve fallen for the beautiful Gloria, I think she’s sassy and so funny, and guess what?! She’s a gorgeous woman that is actually funny and smart! It’s fantastic.

Pawn Stars


Me and my other half have a shared interest in historical objects, and one of the first things we ever discussed was our love for programmes such as Time Team, and also our love for museums. Pawn Stars has an array of customers walking through the door some with garbage, and others with pieces of history that can cash in thousands. Yes the show can be cheesy, but what American Reality show isn’t? The guys in this are smart, and they drive a hard bargain.



Now this may be controversial, as I know a lot of people were disappointed in the series but ever since I got a job in care I cannot stop watching this show and finding similarities between me and the characters, as well as the feelings I have for my residents and the feelings that are portrayed on the show. Gervais has a way of making you laugh and making your stomach sink into your heart at the same time, and it’s why I’ve always found him to be a brilliant writer, one that keeps on reeling out brilliant television shows that become a part of your life.