Negan is coming. And with him, there will be blood.

The second half of season six has essentially been a smorgasbord of foreshadowing, so, in preparation for next week’s battle royale, here’s our thoughts on who might just make it out alive, and who’s likely to meet the business end of a baseball bat…



Let’s face it, Rick IS The Walking Dead. There’s not a chance in hell that we’re losing him. Without Rick at the the helm, there is no show, but that’s not to say he’s not going to go unscathed. Perhaps the fate of his hand that was spared by the Governor might in fact be the spoils of war for one of the Saviours. One thing is certain, Negan is going to fuck him up in some horrific way, be it mentally or physically.



Again, Carl is pretty much invincible. He’s lost an eye this season, and his relationship with Negan in the comics is an intriguing one. Carl Poppa ain’t goin’ nowhere.



Melissa McBride is the only actress so far confirmed for season seven, which is rather a giveaway in itself (unless of course, it’s a clever double-bluff), but as far as Carol is concerned, she’s AWOL right now. Perhaps she’s been caught by the Saviors and is going to end up in Negan’s charming little line up. It would be an interesting turn of events given her bizarre character arc this season, and would certainly shake things up for our core group.



Now, this is dangerous territory. Daryl, for many fans, is the figurehead of TWD. But let’s be honest, since the move to Alexandria, he’s become rather stale, and it’s becoming clear that the writers are struggling to find things for their self-created character to do. Having apparently been shot in the head by Dwight in this week’s WTF cliffhanger, it can be relatively safely assumed that he has survived in some form, and to do a dumpster on Daryl would be cowardice. To “kill” him at the hands of a second-string villain would not do justice to the fan favourite, and to have him “killed” and then actually killed would be something of a cop-out.



As the whole world is now aware, in the comics, Negan bursts onto the scene and then immediately batters Glenn to death with his baseball bat Lucille. Now, the show has been very liberal with its source material, switching deaths around, and indeed keeping many characters around much longer than they were in the books. Dumpster aside, Glenn’s death this season has been foreshadowed far too much. All the lovey dovey “we’re having a baby” stuff with Maggie in a world where happiness never lasts is just overkill. It all just seems to obvious for a show so very intent on shocking its audience. Bets are that, for now at least, Glenn is safe. Which brings us to…

The Walking Dead.Season 6 first look


Echoing the foreshadowing, it would make a lot more sense to kill off Maggie. She’s pregnant (or is she? Was that a miscarriage this week…?), and losing the last of the Greene family would shake our characters to the core. And might just make Glenn interesting again. As far as we’re concerned, Maggie could be in big trouble…

- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Abraham has been a bit of an arse this season. He’s treated the lovely Rosita like crap, and has certainly pissed the Saviors off almost as much as Daryl. That said, he’s pretty much Rick’s right hand man right now, and the only muscle that the community has. After dodging an arrow last week (yup, Denise’s death was, in the comics, the way Abraham bought it), it’s quite likely that Negan might see him as the biggest threat in the Alexandrian township. Odds are stacked against the ‘stache.



It’s probably safe to say that Michonne isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. One of the most iconic characters in the show, she’s also one of the most interesting to watch. Her relationship with Rick does tip the scales against her somewhat, since we all know what happens to any woman that Mr. Grimes gets close to, but Michonne’s death would certainly leave a very difficult hole to fill.



The mullet has probably had more near-death scrapes than any other character on the show, and yet he keeps coming back. Having been shot up last week and currently on bed rest, it’s unlikely that he’s going to play a major role in this season’s finale. Plus, he’s just introduced us to the forge, which is set to shake things up big style next season. Eugene is here to stay.



I’m not gonna lie, Morgan has been pissing me off this season. His pacifist nonsense in the face of chaos is grating, and though I personally would be happy to see the back of him, I can’t see him going anywhere soon. Negan’s introduction might help wake him up a little to the evils of the world, but with him currently off looking for Carol, it’s uncertain whether he will actually feature in the showdown, unless, of course, he too has been captured during his little walk in the woods.

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes and Chloe & Sophia Garcia-Frizzi as Judith Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Right, bit of a wild card here, but Andrew Lincoln has gone on record saying that the season finale made him sick to his stomach. Now, what could be more horrific and brutal than killing off innocent little Judith? Greg Nicotero has told us that there are certain things that the show could never come back from (his reason for not killing Judith along with Lori back at the prison, as was in the comics), but if there’s one way for a villain to become the most despicable person on the block, it’s to slaughter a baby. Judith’s where my money is.



Sasha is an unlikely candidate for the cull. She’s not really a big enough player at the moment, and despite her longevity on the show, isn’t enough of a fan favourite to shock to the bone. She’s sleeping with Abraham now, which could give her an interesting arc next season if our orange avenger bites the bullet. For now though, Sasha is probably safe enough.



Of all the characters to go through an emotional arc this season, Gabriel has come the furthest. From whiny weasel to padre with a pistol, he has finally developed into a likable chap. However, he has remained very much on the back burner in recent weeks, and given the writers’ penchant for showcasing key players just before their deaths, it’s a sure bet that Father G will remain relatively unscathed in the coming fight.



The lovely Rosita has had a bit of a bad run in the last few weeks; savagely scorned by Abraham before being face to face with Denise’s demise, she has proved herself a true Amazonian when it comes to a gunfight. And she’s been getting a lot of screen time. Rosita is major character enough to upset the fans if she dies, and would place a hell of a lot of guilt on Abraham after the way he treated her. That said, it would be devastating to lose the show’s only piece of female eye candy (sorry Maggie…).



Aaron is just a nice guy trying his darndest to do the best for everyone in a world that constantly craps on you. He’s been laying low the last few weeks, so his death would be a little out of the blue. Plus as the show’s only key gay character (seriously, where the hell is Eric??), after Denise’s death, we’re pretty sure Aaron is safe.



Even after three seasons on the show, Tara remains something of a nonentity. Some argue that she has replaced Glenn as the heart of the show, but most will agree that she is just dead weight. With Denise out of the way, it’s not out of the question to have Tara simply go at the hands of some random Savior, or even just a walker. Negan ain’t gonna care about her though.



Pretty new to the fold, Heath is showing skills as a bit of a hunter-gatherer. He’s not yet really developed, but we’re pretty sure he’ll end up a key player over the course of the next season or so, and, should Glenn indeed be up for the slaughter, could well take his place in the group. Definitely safe for now.



There’s a lot of internet murmuring that Jesus might be for the chop. But why? He’s a very cool new player, and has only actually been in three episodes to date. With Hilltop now coming into the brave new world, it’s unlikely that we’ll be saying goodbye to this cheeky chappy.



Enid is a knob. Whiny, petulant and always getting herself in trouble. She’s essentially TWD’s Dawn Summers. Which probably means she’s gonna be around for a while yet. Also, it wouldn’t really upset anyone for her to go, neither fans nor characters. So, she’s likely to sit around in the background for the next year or so before finally succumbing to a horde of walkers. Or maybe she’ll be one of Omega’s heads on a pike… Hmm…



Tobin is another nice guy. He’s done his best to keep Carol sane, and he’s pretty handy around the town. With Carol away, his death wouldn’t have all that much impact on the rest of the community, though again, he’s enough of a wishy-washy character to possibly get culled in the thinning of the herd.



Since dispatching his zombiefied mother, Spencer has pretty much disappeared from the show altogether. Might turn up in some fisticuffs. Might not. Might kick the bucket. Might not. I don’t think anyone really cares. Sorry Spence.

Who lives? Who Dies? Find out Monday at 9pm only on FOX.


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