After The Show


Episode; Julie Waters, a dance who wants to become a showgirl, is missing. A photo turns up in a parking lot. Howard Delhomme turns himself in, but refuses to talk to anyone but Catherine.

True Events; Model and actress, Linda Sobek, was beginning to get television work when she went missing. What was known was that had spoken about getting hired for a photoshoot. A road crew worker found photos of Linda in a parking lot, including her date book, and a lein on a Lexus she had just gotten a loan for. Photographer Charles Rathban was eventually tried and found guilty of the crime, he claimed that he had accidentally struck and killed Linda but his story had a lot of inconsistencies. The mother of Linda, Marg Helgenburger and CSI Tech Advisor, Liz Devine, all appeared on Oprah together and discussed the show.



Epsiode; When Nick and Catherine are called to a suspicious death at a psychiatrist’s home, they find flaws in her story that her patient, 14 year old Dylan Buckley, had a seizure and hit his head during a therapy session. Her claims are backed up by the fact the Buckley had been diagnosed as epileptic from a young age, but still Nick and Catherine are suspicious. First of all, why was he at her house? Dr Leigh Sapien tells them that she is always there for her patients, and young Dylan had had a fight with his mother and needed someone to talk to. When going over fiber evidence Nick finds out that Dylan was only wearing his underwear when he had forcfully been held down and smothered after turning Leigh’s advances down when she wanted to sleep with him. The death was Dr Sapien’s fault.

True Events; Another case of bad practice from therapists came in 2000 when Candace Newmaker (pictured above) was smothered during a questionable method of ‘re-birthing’. The theory was to stop the ‘troubling’ behaviour of the ten year old, her adoptive mother thought that attachment therapy would be a good route to go down. The re-birthing theory suggests that when the child goes through this re-enactment of birth it will help the child bond with the mother. Whilst her mum looked on Candace was wrapped in a flannel and towels, against her will, and her screams and cries fell on deaf ears. She died, smothered to death.

Down The Drain


Episode; The CSI team are called when a blockage in a drainage system turns out to be caused by human skeletal remains. They follow the bones and find that they belonged to a teenage male, and he had been stabbed to death. They were approached by a neighbour who mentioned that lately a lot of neighbourhood cats had been going missing. Sarah and Warrick go to the local bully’s home, Owen Durbin, and find illegal fireworks in his home, and also pipe bombs. Whilst Catherine is searching the top of the stairs, she finds specks of blood splatter and begins to get suspicious, two minutes later they all run outside because the house has blown up. Bin bags full of cat fur are found, and more evidence is found suggesting that Owen committed the crime. He is found guilty.

True Events; The episode almost mirrors the murder of Tristen Jenson, though some details of his life, name, and location are changed. Down to J.P Rensem’s home blowing up with pipe bombs whilst CSI’s were searching the home for evidence.

Double Cross


Episode; This episode involves a nun being killed and then displayed in the most shocking and gruesome way. After being strangled, and stabbed, she is hung like a crucifix, the priest of the church is the main suspect and is arrested after the CSI’s prove that her strangulation was caused by rosary beads.

True Events; Although he didn’t display her body as gruesomely, Father Gerald Robinson (Ohio) was accused and twice convicted of the murder of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl after she was strangled and stabbed to death.

Felonious Monk


Episode; Four monks have been found dead in a Thai Monastery, in Las Vegas. All four victims were found with bullet wounds in between the eyes but there was no sign of a struggle, and the case completely stumps Grissom. He comes to the conclusion that the Monks were praying for their shooter, an ex cook at the Monastery.

True Events; In a Buddhist Temple six monks were killed execution-style after being forced to lay on the floor, a disgruntled employee was charged for the crime after confessing to the shootings.