Children of the nineties were spoiled for choice when it came to horror anthology shows. Riding the coat-tails of such legendary shows as The Twilight Zone and Tales From the Darkside came a steady stream of creepy stories aimed solely at the pre-teen market. For animation fans, we had the oft hilarious Tales From the Crypt Keeper, whilst the live action adaptations of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps, although rather hit-and-miss on the quality control, managed to carve a place in television history. It’s undeniable, however, that the one show that gave the willies to pre-millenials more than any other was Canada’s offering, Are You Afraid of the Dark? From its utterly shiver-inducing opening sequence to its highly memorable tales, the stories told around the iconic campfire are sure to still send a shudder up the spine of any former viewer.

For this week’s Where Are They? Wednesday, we’re taking a nostalgic look at what the kids from the Midnight Society are up to these days.


Ross Hull (Gary)

The leader of the Midnight Society, Gary led the team through their tales from the very beginning, and even popped up a couple of times in the revival series. Since putting out the fire for the final time, Hull has continued to crop up on TV, having starred as Chris Sheppard in Student Bodies from 1997 to 2000, before becoming a regular face on Canadian news as a weather anchor.

Jason Alisharan

Jason Alisharan (Frank)

Frank was the jock of the Midnight Society, often being the one to laugh at how “unscary” the others’ ideas were, before ending up a quivering mess at the end of the episode. Since the show ended, Jason has rather kept himself to himself, taking only two minor roles in TV movies, as well, peculiarly, co-producing the Colin Firth film A Single Man.


Rachel Blanchard (Kristen)

One of the biggest success stories of the show, little Kristen has continued to garner acting roles in the twenty years since she left the campfire, having played Cher Horowitz in the TV version of Clueless, as well as being recognized by British audiences as Peep Show’s Nancy.

raine pare-coull

Raine Pare-Coull (Betty Ann)

Bookworm Betty Ann is famed for coming up with some of the creepiest tales shared amongst the Midnight Society, but has sadly since disappeared into obscurity, having only taken one other television role in an obscure Canadian show centred around comedian Morgan Waters.

Jodie Resther

Jodie Resther (Kiki)

Smart talking Kiki has certainly blossomed into the stunner she is today. After AYAOTD? ended, she rose to fame as the voice of Francine in the ever-popular Arthur before recording a number of R&B albums in both English and French.


Daniel Desanto (Tucker)

Tucker was always my favourite of the Midnight Society. Frank’s downtrodden younger brother was the baby of the bunch, but always managed to come up with the most creative stories. Since the show, Desanto has done a lot of voice acting, along with making a steady career out of bit parts, his best known to date being Jason in Mean Girls.

Joanna Garcia

Joanna Garcia (Sam)

The tomboy that all the guys wanted, Sam won the heart of many a young viewer with her twisted tales. Another member of the cast to have paved her career with sitcom cameos, her most notable work since has been her main cast credit on the WB sitcom Reba. Yeah… well, it’s a living…