That 70`s Show delighted audiences for eight seasons with its unique blend of kitsch nostalgia and real life hilarity. Launching the career of many a young star, as well as spawning its own spin-off (the short-lived That 80`s Show) and holding the prestigious accolade of being one of the few American sitcoms to have produced a British remake (the even shorter-lived Days Like These), it`s hard to believe that this slice of Americana left our screens a whole decade ago. In the first of our Where Are They? Wednesdays, we take a look at what the youngsters of Point Place are up to now.


(Randy Pearson)

Remember Randy? No, not many people do. After the premature departure of at the end of season seven, Randy was intended to be the new leader of the gang. Unfortunately, audiences never really warmed to him, and Randy was rather put on the back-burner. Sadly, much like his stint on That 70`s Show, Josh Meyers` career never really took off, with a spate of bit parts in numerous sitcoms. Perhaps with his current stint in Amazon`s hit show Red Oaks however, things could be on the turn for Mr. Meyers.


(Michael Kelso)

Ashton Kutcher took his role as the lovable idiot Michael Kelso and ran with it like nobody`s business. From screwball comedies such as Dude Where`s My Car? to punking fellow celebrities, Kutcher carved his way through the genre before successfully replacing Charlie Sheen in the long-running Two and a Half Men. After his failed marriage with Demi Moore, life immitated art as Kutcher recently married his on-screen high school sweetheart .



Having won our hearts as the naïve yet sex-obsessed foreign exchange student Fez (real name unpronounceable and country of origin forever shrouded in mystery), Valderrama has made a steady career of supporting roles both in film and television. Despite the promised reboot of C.H.I.P.s never taking off, Valderrama has secured himself a lead role in the TV adaptation of Minority Report, as well as voicing the Disney Channel`s delightful janitor Handy Manny for many years.


(Steven Hyde)

It`s kind of ironic that Point Place`s biggest loser became one of the cast`s most successful entrepreneurs. After portraying stoner Hyde for eight seasons, Masterson went on to open a number of thriving bars and restaurants. He also made a living as a professional poker player before returning to screens in the short-lived sitcom Men at Work. Right now he is working on the upcoming series The Ranch alongside former co-star Kutcher.


Mila Kunis (Jackie Burkhart)

It`s been a strange journey for the shrill-voiced sexiest woman in the world. Her earliest film credit to roll off That 70`s Show was in the famed “sequel that no-one asked for” American Psycho 2: All American Girl. Landing the part of Meg Griffin in Family Guy (replacing Lacey Chabert) led to a new-found fame and a number of starring roles in such hits as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Ted. Her more serious side has also garnered her critical acclaim, most notably for her performance in the psychological drama Black Swan.


(Donna Pinciotti)

That 70`s Show`s hot redhead and girl next door has most certainly grown up. With a bunch of sitcom cameos under her belt, Prepon landed the role of Alex in Netflix`s hit comedy drama Orange is the New Black, treating fanboys to the realization of their teenage dreams as she got hot and heavy with her fellow inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary.


Topher Grace (Eric Forman)

Topher left his starring role in That 70`s Show to pursue a movie career. Unfortunately, the first rung in that ladder happened to be his universally despised portrayal of Eddie Brock (AKA Venom) in the utterly disappointing Spider-Man 3. Since then, his show-reel has mostly consisted of bit parts in films of various genres, from Predators to Valentine`s Day. With his upcoming part in the Brad Pitt fronted Netflix drama War Machine, however, things may be taking a well-deserved turn for the better for the lovable geek.