I know that right now you’re probably thinking that I’ve gone mad, that I’m slowly drowning in the mainstream but lets be honest, who doesn’t have a guilty pleasure when it comes to TV shows?

Mine have always been American Reality shows, whether it’s Pawn Stars or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, I love the drama – although they’re all incredibly scripted and over-produced I can’t help but watch them with my eyes glued to the TV.

Recently I’ve become completely entranced by Dance Moms, it started off as just watching a couple of episodes of it on Catch-Up, there was nothing else on TV, I’d seen various clips and I’d heard that it was good (from my friend who is also obsessed with reality TV, may I add). Those two episodes turned into me watching all of series 5 in one sitting, without any regrets.

You see, it’s actually interesting in a way… it’s exciting to see the girls’ routines at the end of the shows, and the arguments in the middle make for entertaining viewing! You do begin to feel for the young girls who are constantly getting screamed at for perfection, by their dance teacher/manager Abby Lee – a woman you would not want to mess with, and you begin rooting for the girls, and almost feeling part of the show. I guess that’s what reality TV is all about!

All in all though it’s one of the guilty pleasures I feed the most, I cannot get enough.