Richplanet TV

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Richplanet TV is run by Richard Hall, a British journalist who has an extremely broad knowledge on conspiracy theories. Youtube has many of Hall’s documentary lectures and also has a channel where they are all neatly placed. From the case of Madeline McCann to Energy Weapons, Rich Hall gives full and in-depth looks at each of his theories, with interviews and evidence that he has gathered himself, if you are really interested in conspiracy theories then I suggest you give him a go.



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Decoded is a series that has been running on History for around six years now, and it was one I was reluctant to watch because it was so over-dramatic and often has very unnecessary parts to it, but if you can get past that you can find out some interesting information. It’s mainly American based, so to a Brit a lot of the theories that come up I hadn’t heard of before.


Jim Marrs

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Jim Marrs is another journalist turned conspiracy theorists, only he’s American. Like Rich Hall, Jim Marrs’ documentaries are filled with information and factual evidence, as well as circumstantial evidence. Marrs’ most fascinating documentary/lectures are those he does on Hidden History, he also does a really good 9/11 lecture.


Titanic: The Ship That Never Sank

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There are many theories behind the Titanic sinking, and it was the first conspiracy theory that I began getting interested in. Whatever you believe about the Titanic, it cannot be ignored that there were many things not done that could have saved the ship and the countless lives lost that day, but looking into the theories you begin to wonder if that was the point.