It’s no secret that I have a huge interest in crime, and the macabre, and with true crime becoming more popular I thought it would be best to give out my knowledge on some of the best true crime series you can watch. If you’re lucky enough to have CI (recently changed from Crime Investigation) and ID on your television programming then you will have true crime series galore! But here are some you may or may not have heard of, either way I hope you enjoy.


10. Swamp Murders

maxresdefaultSwamp Murders is exactly what it says in the title, a body is found in the swamps of America, and the story goes from there. The fascinating series goes into cases where murderers have decided to throw the victims into the swamp, hoping that they will never be found. With the Everglades and the Louisiana Swamps being on the list of top ten places that American’s hide dead bodies, it’s a wonder why the killers still use the swamps because according to this series, they get caught… A LOT.


9. Killer Kids

killer-kids-showThe cases that I find the most fascinating is when kids kill, and Killer Kids offers a full series on juveniles who have committed the most heinous of crimes. Some murders range from kids who have snapped and gone into a sudden frenzy, and some are blood-curling murderers who have been planning their murders for a long time.


8. Fred Dineage Murder Casebook

350213076_640Fred Dineage is the official biographer for the Krays, so he knows his stuff when it comes to true crime. He focuses on British crimes mostly (though he did do a fascinating piece on Josef Friztl), from the Acid Bath Killer to Patrick Mackay. Dineage is often joined by Criminologist Professor David Wilson, who gives a scientific and physiological look on murderers and their motives.

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7. A Town & Country Murder

tandc-show-sundaysAnother series that is based around British crimes, a Town and Country Murder focuses on destroying the idyllic view people have on quiet towns in our country. Telling the stories of crimes that would horrify anyone, this series is fantastic if you’re interested in your one off murders.


6. Homicide Hunter

joe_kenda_homicide_hunter I’ve spoken about this brilliant series in another post before, but it deserves a place in this list too. Lt. Joe Kenda worked for the FBI and has solved nearly 400 cases, which pretty much makes him an expert in catching murderers.


5. Nightmare Next Door

Nightmare-Next-Door-Season-8The name gives away who the killer is in this series, though you don’t find out the exact culprit until the end, though this does make you question whether you can trust the people who live in your street. Based in America, this is series has the same premise of a Town and Country Murder, and ruining the idyllic of sleepy towns.


4. Deadly Women

41UNDSIW5tL._SX940_This series focuses on women alone, three murderous women are look at each episode, and either the motive, or MO have something in common, some are child killers, thrill seekers, obsessed, or they’re part of a couple scheme or murderers.


3. Forensic Firsts

forensice-firstIf you’re interested in forensics, and the science side of crimes then this is the perfect series for you. It looks into the first cases in which some forensic tools were used such as finger prints, cyber forensics, and toxicology, this is probably my favourite series on the list because it’s so fascinating looking at the history of forensics and how it is used in modern day crime solving.

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2. On The Case With Paula Zahn

maxresdefault (1)Presented by journalist, and past CNN Anchor, Paula Zahn presents a show that looks at murder cases, and it is also one of the only shows I’ve ever seen that interview the convicted – who are usually professing their innocence.


1. Obsession; Dark Desires

tumblr_inline_mzhrsr1KKe1qahx36This is the only series on the list that doesn’t always end in murder, though some cases do. It’s a look into the account of people who have been stalked, some cases make you uncomfortable to even sit in your own home. It’s such an interesting series that opens your eyes to one of the most scary crimes that could happen to you.

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