Mouthful, am I right?

Well, Christmas for me is the greatest time of year, so much so that I’ve managed to get my Scrooge of a boyfriend to watch many many many Christmas specials with me. Poor fella.

But from that I’ve decided to compile a list full of my favourite Christmas specials, from the British Comedy genre.



10. Gavin & Stacey

This may be the only one on the list that I was out of nappies when it was originally aired. I love Gavin & Stacey, and in 2008 the wonderful cast gave us this awesome, modern Christmas Special. It was great to see a Christmas Special, that was funny, new, and relevant. I always make sure to get a watch of this every year.


9. My Family

The clip I actually wanted was the famous scene where Nick Harper has started a business selling Christmas trees, from his family’s front living room. But guess what? Youtube doesn’t have it, well I couldn’t find it anyway. But anyway, My Family have a knack for creating great Christmas Specials, and here is a clip from one of my favourites.


8. Vicar of Dibley

The Christmas Lunch Incident is by far my favourite of the Vicar of Dibley Christmas specials. It’s one of those buried deep in my heart, because I’ve watched it every year since I was a little kid. It’s heart warmingly funny, as the Vicar of Dibley always was. I just love it.


7. Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em

Arguably one of the greatest sitcoms the BBC ever produced, Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em is on my list because it’s the first Christmas special I remember seeing, and it’s one that me and my brother both love dearly.


6. Morcambe & Wise

We couldn’t have had this list without the comedy legends that are Morcambe and Wise, could we? I still speak to numerous people, both young and old, who will religiously sit with their family and watch Morcambe and Wise Christmas specials every Christmas, and why not? They were always brilliant, and always incredibly funny.


5. The Two Ronnies

Another legendary comedy duo, and what have they beat Morcambe and Wise? Well, because, I always found them funnier. I love the Two Ronnies, for as long as I’ve been able to walk I’ve been watching these two, and I loved watching all of the Christmas episodes growing up.


4. Only Fools and Horses

For a couple of weeks now me and my other half have been watching Only Fools and Horses, so it was only right that I got him to watch the Christmas specials (much to his dismay). Now, with Only Fools and Horses the famous Christmas special is the Batman and Robin episode, but my all time favourite episode is when Delboy and Rodney finally become millionaires, I just love it.


3. Bottom

This is another one of my Christmas Specials that me and my brother watch every year, and the most quoted out of the list. Every year, without doubt, me and Dan (the brother) will open our Christmas stockings and say “Another brussel sprout!!!!” as we pull out the wonderful gifts our mum has prepared for us. Long live Rik Mayal’s legend!


2. Father Ted

December 1st, every year, this goes on in my household. And it would have been first, comedy wise it is, but our next choice has the sentimental value. Father Ted is by far my favourite programme, and the Christmas special is absolutely fantastic!


1. The Royle Family

I couldn’t find the clip I wanted to show you, but the Royal Family Christmas special 1999 is my all time favourite. I just love the scene where Denise goes into labor and Jim is comforting her in the bathroom. It’s just perfect.