For anyone who grew up in the nineties, Pokemon holds a special place in childhood memory. From battling the Elite Four in Red or Blue, searching for that elusive charizard in the playground, or tuning in to SMTV to catch up on the latest adventures of Ash and his comrades, Pokemon has played a huge part in the early years of folk across the globe.

In his quest to catch `em all, Ash Ketchum met with highs and lows as he strived to become the very best. Today we`re going to look at some of the moment in Pokemon history that will still bring a tear to your eye all these years on…


5. Togetic Flies the Nest

(A Togepi Mirage! – S07E05)

Togepi, arguably the cutest of all pokemon, had travelled with our heroes since Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon all the way back in season one. Forming an adorable bond with everyone`s favourite hot-headed redhead Misty, Togepi was the first second generation beast to be introduced and won over the hearts of audiences of all ages. But, as is the nature of pokemon, eventually they evolve, and for Togepi, this was in a blaze of glory protecting its fellow togepi from, of course, the evil Team Rocket and megalomaniac Hanson as they attempted to take the throne of Mirage Kingdom. Thanks to Togetic, the kingdom is saved, and after almost 300 episodes, we bid a sad farewell to the chirpy little egg.


4. Parting Ways With the Gang

(Gotta Catch Ya Later! – S05E63)

After the Johto Silver Conference, Misty and Brock are called to return to their hometowns, and with pretty much a full thirty minute episode dedicated to flashbacks and sad songs (“knowing I won`t see you again”??? Jeez guys!!!), it`s hard to keep a dry eye. Of course, deep down we knew that Ash`s stalwart comrades would be back eventually, but after the trials and tribulations of the first two generations, saying goodbye to Misty and Brock felt like saying goodbye to childhood. Of course, years later, Brock would actually leave to become a Pokemon doctor, but somehow we were more prepared for that one…


3. Vermillion City Gym Showdown

(Electric Shock Showdown – S01E14)

We know full well that Ash doesn’t always win; it`d be a pretty dull show if he did. What makes his loss against Lt. Surge in his fight for the Thunder Badge all that more heart-wrenching, however, is Pikachu`s pluck. Squared off against his evolved form, raichu, Pikachu takes beating after beating, but, like Rocky, just won`t stay down. Pikachu`s determination to win against the bullying Surge represents what being the very best is all about, and as each terrible blow is dealt, an equal blow is dealt to the gut of anyone watching.

maxresdefault (1)

2. They Grow Up So Fast…

(Bye Bye Butterfree – S01E21)

No fan of the original series will ever forget the heartbreak we felt as Ash said goodbye to his beloved Butterfree. The first pokemon Ash ever caught in the wild, Caterpie, soon grew up to become a love-lorn little bug, falling for the charms of a female of his species. Of course, Team Rocket interfered, kidnapping an entire group of butterfree, leaving Ash`s Butterfree to save the day. After thwarting Jessie and James, Ash (and audiences) said a tearful goodbye to Butterfree as he joined his newfound love in the wild.


1. Ash`s Death

(Pokemon: The First Movie – 1998)

Ask any child of the nineties which films made them cry during their childhood, and this is sure to top many lists. With Mew and his insane clone Mewtwo engaged in an intense aerial battle as clones and captured pokemon are forced to fight to the death below, Ash heroically rushes to put things to an end, tragically getting hit by a rogue psychic blast in the process. As our hero lays lifeless one the floor, Pikachu tries in vain to bring his dear friend back to life. Again. And again. In one of the most soul-destroying moments in anime history, Pikachu admits defeat and begins to weep. As the tears of Pikachu, Ash`s pokemon, and every single member of the audience fall to the floor, Ash is magically brought back to life, forcing Mewtwo to see that there is love in the world. Powerful stuff.

Googling this image actually almost made me cry again…