Communication is such second nature to most in our modern world that it is difficult to imagine that for some the simple act of saying hello is almost an impossibility. Whether it`s through Facebook, email, or a friendly chat in the shops, communication is a vital part of our everyday lives.

In his new film, Stutterer, Benjamin Cleary explores the life of reclusive typographer Greenwood Carsen (Matthew Needham – Casualty, Sherlock). Crippled by a severe stutter, Greenwood`s eloquent inner voice communicates through text messages and online chats whilst hiding from the real world around him. When the girl with whom he has been chatting online for the last six months suggests they finally meet in person, Greenwood must confront his fears in order to find happiness at last.


Instantly engaging, Cleary`s film is a unique exploration of the difficulties faced by those with debilitating speech impediments; we watch as he struggles to speak with call centre representatives, attempts to learn sign language in order to express himself, and pretend to be deaf so as not to have to speak with strangers on the street, all the while spieling the most beautifully verbose inner monologue. Cleary`s expressive performance is a joy to watch, and will tug on even the coldest of heartstrings.

Simply shot, with the majority of the dialogue between our two lovers expressed through text messages, Cleary has created a wonderful little film that illustrates the power of loneliness and the joy that can be found with just a little confidence, whilst at the same time giving us a rare insight into the lives of those in society that are perhaps forgotten about in our talkative world.



Dir: Benjamin Cleary

Scr: Benjamin Cleary

Starring: Matthew Needham, Chloe Pirrie, Eric Richard

Prd: Serena Armitage, Shan Christopher Ogilvie

DOP: Michael Paleodimos

Music: Nico Casal

Country: UK

Year: 2015

Run Time: 12mins