Back in the day, Jackanory would delight audiences of all ages with its pleasant retellings of classic tales from the mouths of well-known faces. Sitting comfortably around the big chair was somewhat reminisce of story time at school. And we bloody loved it.

Of course (showing my age here), kids these days are far from interested in listening to someone sitting in a chair and reading to them. Gone are the days of story time, dethroned by in-app purchases and flapping birds. A tragic tale indeed, but the sad reality of the twenty-first century.

As such, the idea of bringing back Jackanory was an odd plan. Surely the generation that would be interested in watching it have all grown up and turned into crotchety old gits by now?

But that is where the genius lies.


Crackanory is exactly that. For those of us who fondly remember the original series, Crackanory delivers a delightful trip down memory lane in the shape of comedians and actors taking up the comfy chair, but instead of twee fairytale, we are given a cavalcade of dark and twisted stories punctuated by macabre illustrations and utterly unmoral endings.

Returning for its third season this week, Crackanory will feature big names such as Christopher Lloyd, Catherine Tate and Simon Bird, each giving us their own inimitable take on a modern fairy story with hilarious results.

Episode one gives us Carrie Fisher`s maudlin take on Nico Tatarowicz`s Dread and Breakfast, in which a young couple check into a mysterious B&B where the residents seem very keen to keep them there forever, whilst Paul Whitehouse`s story, Uncivil War has things escalating wildly out of control at a reenactment troupe`s weekend display as new evidence emerges suggesting that history could very well have taken a very different course…

Crackonory is a much needed piece of fresh air amidst naff sitcoms and oft-offensive standup. Bedtime stories for the over thirties, with familiar faces and macabre tales, season three continues to delight and disturb.


Dir: Richard Pengelley

Starring: Carrie Fisher, Paul Whitehouse, Catherine Tate, Richard Ayoade, Jimmy Carr, Christopher Lloyd, Robbie Coltrane, Sarah Millican, Morgana Robinson, Greg Davies, Simon Bird, Tamsin Grieg

Prd: Arnold Widdowson

Country: UK

Year: 2015

Number of Episodes: 6

Episode Runtime: 30mins


Crackanory returns to Dave on Monday 7th December.