When Marvel Studios announced that they had finally got the lease back on the Daredevil name, the comic community let out a resounding cheer. Introducing everyone`s favourite lawyer to the MCU was met with resolute excitement. There was no way we would be seeing another Ben Affleck led monstrosity, and when Netflix brought Hell`s Kitchen`s sightless vigilante to our screens, we were introduced to a dark and brooding side of the Cinematic Universe before unseen. As such, when we were told that a whole mini-universe was in the making, featuring the entire Heroes For Hire ensemble, we were duly excited. Luke Cage, Iron Fist, possibly even a Ghost Rider series coming. What wasn’t` to get any fanboy`s heart pounding?

And then Jessica Jones was announced.


Now, usually, when a new Marvel hero is rumoured to be entering the Universe, a plethora of questions start buzzing around the interweb; who`s going to play the titular hero? What infamous villains are they going to up against? Which Infinity Stone are they going to crowbar in to this movie? And, of course, what hilarious part is Mr. Lee going to be playing? When Marvel leaked their latest addition, however, there was only one question on everyone`s lips;

“Who the hell is Jessica Jones??”

So who the hell indeed! Miss Jones first appeared in Marvel comics in 2001 as a former superhero turned detective in Brian Michael Bendis` Alias (not to be confused with that Jennifer Garner gubbins). An old school friend of Peter Parker, Jones spent her late teens fighting crime as the super strong costumed heroine Jewel. After being brainwashed and tricked into almost killing Scarlet Witch, Jones hung up the cape and turned her hand to sleuthing instead. Teaming up with the likes of Spider Woman and Scott Lang`s Ant Man, Jones solved a series of mysteries whilst at the same time confronting in old demons in the shape of her psychic arch-nemesis Zebediah Killgrave.


Since those early days, Jessica has been a close associate of the Avengers, and has most famously become Mrs. Luke Cage, and mother to their daughter Danielle. She has also more recently gone back to her heroic roots, retaking the mantle of her former alter ego, Jewel.

So why choose Jones as the newest Marvel project? Well, for one thing, it`s about time we had an interesting female character in the MCU. So far we`ve had Scarlett Johansson`s Black Widow in all her one-dimensional glory, and, as so beautifully joked about in Age Of Ultron a bunch of doe-eyed love interests. Jones has a truly disturbed past, which, if the trailer is anything to go by, will be playing a key role in the series. There`s also her relationship with Luke Cage. Sure, it`s a little odd that one of Marvel`s most long awaited heroes is being introduced as a love interest in someone else`s show, but after Daredevil, I`m on board with whatever the team are ready to throw at us.


With a stellar cast including Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad, Don`t Tell the Bitch in Apartment 23) in the titular role, The Good Wife`s Mike Colter as Luke Cage, and good ol` David Tennant as the malevolent Killgrave, Jessica Jones looks set to be Marvel`s most surprising hit to date.

And let`s face it, two years ago, Starlord sounded like a weird Bowie tribute and Gomorra was just a place in the Bible.

Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix on November 20th, with all episodes available to stream that day. Check out the awesome trailer below…