Killer Legends

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Remember a fantastic documentary called Cropsey? Well the filmmakers from Cropsey have made a new docu-film on legends and what their origins are. Killer clowns, babysitter killers, the Bogeyman, and many more famous stories you heard when you were a kid that scared you to death. As terrifying as it is interesting, Killer Legends is a fantastic piece of television that you’ll wish won’t end.


Paradise Lost: The Child Murders Of Robin Hood

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This documentary is mostly terrifying because of how close three teenage boys got to being put to death for a crime they didn’t commit. After reading into the evidence of a case where three ‘troubled’ teenage boys (you know the usual, they listen to heavy metal and practice satanism – it must be them! The West Memphis 3 ring a bell), directors Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky rummaged through the evidence that transparently proven that the boys were innocent, getting them off death row.


The Imposter

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Remember the film the Orphan? The 42 year old dwarf is the child all along? Well if that creeped you out, how about watching a documentary on the closest a case has ever gotten to the Orphan? It tells the true story of a Texas boy who went missing in 1994, and later ‘shown up’ three and a half years later, he came home, despite glaring inconsistencies the family still took their boy home, who despite going missing with blonde hair and blue eyes shown up claiming to be their son with dark hair and dark eyes. It’s a documentary that proves how you can be blinded by the things you want to see.


Capturing the Friedmans

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The Friedmans were a picture of the all-American family; perfect. The family were sat having Thanksgiving dinner when their door exploded and coppers were surrounding the place, accusing the father and son of countless crimes of child pornography and child molestation.


Titicut Follies

Titicut Follies gives you the insight you never wanted to a prison for the mentally insane in America in 1967. It’s so much more frightening than any horror film you’ve ever seen that involves the mentally ill, as this contains REAL people, remember that when you’re watching it, that these are REAL people that endure physical and mental abuse by the hands of guards, doctors, and psychologists. Because of the premise of the film, it was banned from being view until 1991.


Just Melvin, Just Evil

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Spanning abuse over three generations, from their Step-Father, Melvin, ‘Just Melvin, Just Evil;’ is a documentary made by James Ronald Whitney, who uses the film to look back on the abuse he and his family suffered at the hands of his Step-Father, some family members even shockingly confessing that they covered up murders.