Ghost Adventures – The Bell Witch Cave

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Ghost Adventures is a fantastic series to watch if you’re interested in the evidence side of the , and this is one of my favourite episodes. The Bell Witch cave is a paranormal case I’ve always been interested in, and there are very few or TV series that have looked into it. Basically the Bell Witch was a haunting that occurred in the 1800s which saw the haunting of farmer John Bell and his family. It started off with the odd knocking, chains rattling but then unexplained voices began shouting “Kate’s the Bell Witch!”. John had enough, and with a mob he went into the cave to hunt down the Bell Witch, but on December 20 1820, John Bell was mysteriously poisoned and died a very violent death. Some say that this was the Bell Witch’s goal, to kill John and destroy his family’s wealth.


Extreme Ghost Stories 

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Extreme Ghost Stories was a four part documentary series (part four is the episode in the link above) that was aired in Britain, it’s a series that tells the stories of people, most of whom were skeptics once upon a time, who have experienced the paranormal right in front of their eyes.


The Entity

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This documentary was first aired on Channel 4, I was recommended it a lot around the time it was re-aired. Although it is initially about sleep paralysis, it explores the paranormal side to the horrifying ordeal. To be honest, it was a documentary I had to stick on a light to get through, and made me thank that I have never had to experience sleep paralysis so far.


The Enfield Poltergeist

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If you’re interested in the paranormal and you will most definitely have come across the Enfield Haunting. It’s one of the most famous haunting cases across the world, and it happened in our little country of England. Here is some information on the case that you may want to read before watching the documentary;

“The Enfield Poltergeist was a period of apparent poltergeist activity at 284 Green Street, in Enfield, England from 1977 to 1980.

The family involved included a mother, two daughters and two sons. At least 26 of the inexplicable events investigators considered could not be accounted for by fraud. These included moving furniture, flying marbles, interference with bedclothes, cold breezes, pools of water on the floor, apparitions, physical assaults, graffiti, equipment malfunction and failure, disappearance and reappearance of objects, apparent levitations, and fires which spontaneously ignited and extinguished themselves.

A police officer signed an affidavit to affirm that she saw a chair move. One photographer reported being hit on the forehead with a Lego brick.

Among other alleged phenomena they witnessed was [one daughter] speaking using her false vocal folds for hours on end while she was apparently possessed by another entity. Speaking in this way is believed to be medically impossible. When speaking with the false cords Janet said she was “Bill” who had died in the house of a brain haemorrhage.

[Another sister] has stated that although she did fake some phenomena to catch the investigators out, they were not responsible for all the phenomena. She has stated that “It is ridiculous to suggest that either my sister or I could have been responsible for the strange activity that went on in our house.” Source