Indiana-born actor Logan Huffman first caught our attention as teen heartthrob Tyler Evans in the sci-fi thriller V. Recently he has been climbing the indie ladder to become one of cinema`s most endearing on-screen psychopaths. We caught up with him on his California ranch to discuss coyotes, cannibalism and his latest film Final Girl…

So tell us in your own words, why is Final Girl different from other recent horror movies?

Well, I`ve been working with Tyler (Shields) for a few years, doing shoots, and through that he`s become a dear friend of mine. With Tyler everything is thought out; this is an artistic thriller. It`s something cool and different. When I read the script, it was just a little odd and strange… I wanted to do it! I thought it was so cool!

What was the highlight of making the movie for you?

My highlight was just being able to take a vacation from myself and be Danny. I`m a method actor, so this was a big departure from myself! I had long hair when I walked in. I walked up to Tyler and I said “Look, this is what I`m thinking about doing. I`m gonna cut it all off and put my hair up into the highest pompadour I can possibly make.” I`d been studying vaudeville for three years beforehand and I was just waiting for the right character to put in that kind of art form. Danny I really felt was going to be the one. Once I met the other actors I didn’t drop the character throughout the duration. It was just a blast to be somebody else, being able to be insane. I wanted to create an axe –murderer with the feet of Fred Astaire. I mean, how often do you get to play that, y`know? It was fun to act out this controlled schizophrenia. I wanted him to be the hunting dog of this crew, the guy who smells everybody out. He`s wild and uncontrollable, moving around like an elegant animal.

Most of us know you as Tyler from V. How was the transition from TV star to movie actor?

I was a nineteen year old kid from Indiana when we did V, and it was a great learning experience, but I prefer the heart that comes with independent movies. That`s not to say I don’t enjoy TV, but the great thing about film is that you live with a character and it dies in a very short period of time. You can go as all-out and insane as you want and still be able to recover your own personality. With V, the cast and crew were some of the loveliest people I`ve ever met, but I never really got the opportunity to do the kind of work I wanted to show people; there`s so much control and precision in the script. With Final Girl pretty much every line of dialogue I have is improvised. There isn’t one single moment that isn’t improv, and that`s because Tyler allowed me to do it. That`s the kind of work I really enjoy. I love the art, y`know? With independent movies I can get my artistic rocks off and meet some real crazy people. I trained to be an actor, it was never about being a “star”. I would be acting if I was talking to myself on the side of the street!

What does the future hold for Logan Huffman?

I have another movie, The Preppie Connection coming soon, which is gonna be awesome. In it I play this high society, blue-blood character. I`m actually really excited about it because it`s the first time I`ve played a character with extraordinary wealth and he`s a real snake-in-the-grass son-of-a-bitch! I always play bad guys for some reason! I enjoy that! The bad guys get all the cool toys – who wants to be Luke when you can be Vader?? And then I have Outlaw, which is Tyler`s next film, which will be wonderful. I don’t remember when the film`s coming out, but in it Tyler and I did something so dangerous, something that`s never been done before on screen, that it`ll take your breath away, literally! It`s a lovely piece about a photographer who`s going through betrayal, and I play the betrayer. It`s very artistic, and it`s one of those films that people are either going to love or totally not get, but that`s sometimes the best response you can get! I have two other projects I`m working on; in one I play a jazz-obsessed architect who also happens to be a cannibal… (laughs) I went totally method for that one! And then after that I have this very smutty 1970`s film set in New York. I can`t say the name yet, but there`s a lot of big names in that one, so it`ll be one to keep an eye out for.

Final Girl is out in selected cinemas and on VOD on August 30th.