Monster Quest: The Black Demon Shark

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*Full series available on US Netflix

Monster Quest is a fantastic series where they go in search for cryptid sort creatures, as the name suggests. They follow on reported sightings, footage, and scientific evidence. This certain episode focuses on ‘The Black Demon Shark’, a huge shark which has been seen by fishermen whilst they have been out to sea. The theory is that the Megladon isn’t actually extinct (and that’s what the Black Demon Shark is), like the Coelacanth, which was thought to be extinct thousands of years ago but was then rediscovered in 1938.


Australia’s Deadliest Shark Coast

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On one Australian coast, five shark related deaths have been reported in 10 months, in standards of shark attacks it’s an epidemic. In this documentary we see why the shark’s have become so prone to attacking humans, how to stop it, and how the Western Australian coast line can keep themselves safe from the under water predator.


Sharks Of Lost Island

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A relatively new documentary on this post, it was aired on National Geographic just over a month ago. A team of scientists go onto a journey to a remote island where the land and water is virtually undisturbed by any human life, their aim is to build a nature reserve, and to preserve the Island so that in time we can go back and forth to learn about the sea, before humans.


The Great White Shark

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Following the attack of two sharks on one young surfer, scientists want to shed a light on the tragic encounters that happen when shark meets human. Taking reports from people who have survived and witness shark attacks, scientists research why sharks attack humans, when we are not their natural prey. Whether it’s the smell of blood from an old wound, or their poor eyesight making them believe we are seals, this documentary aims to uncover why there have been a rise in shark attacks.


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