I recently wrote a piece on the 5 Worst TV Show Endings, and so now here I am with the best. The ones that had you tearing up, and the ones that still hurt you to this day. These are five of my favourite TV show endings.


5. (US) 

Pam says goodbye

Sorry about the writing overlay in this clip, unfortunately I couldn’t find another Youtube clip with just this segment.

It was either this, though, or Michael Scott’s return. And I decided to add this clip because of how it really hit me when I first watched it. You see, Dunder Mifflin is just a paper company, nothing else, but because of the characters, and the stories they all had, it looked like the most wonderful place to be. And it taught you a lot about your own life whilst you watched the nine series. This ending was perfection, with Pam’s summing up of everything the past nine years had taught her.

“There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?”



Leslie is finally ready.

Parks and Recreation is by far one of my favourite programmes. Everything about it was perfect, and I was devastated when I had finished watching it. The season finales to Parks and Recreation were always fantastic, especially series six (with Pawnee gig), but season seven was so well done. Finally rounding up everything we had hoped for the characters, ten years in the future we get to see where they all are. Through all of their hardships, we finally see them all achieve their dreams.



Want to go around again?

We had watched Fry fail so many times to win over Leela, for fourteen years in fact! The finale saw the both of them as the only living people on earth as time had been stopped. Because of this, they got to spend their entire lives together, just them two. Farnsworth found them and offered them a redo, and with the chance of being able to relive their love again, they went ahead and did it.




Rachel got off the plane

Sometimes I want to go back in time just to rewatch Friends, and get the emotions again I did when Rachel got off the plane. We’d watch them bicker and argue for years, and it all ends perfectly. But Rachel getting off the plane wasn’t only the perfect thing, the whole ending was perfect, and watching the gang finally lay down all of their keys onto the counter really hurt you, emotional scars are still held by people who grew up watching Friends.



JD’s final goodbye

With everything that happened in Scrubs, this one had me crying the most. JD’s final goodbye.

It was done to perfection, and I have never seen a TV ending so well received by it’s fan. It was so beautiful, watching one of JD’s inner dreams come true as we listen to Peter Gabriel sing the Book Of Love (a perfect song choice).