If you’re wanting to watch a cop show about a man that has seemingly traveled back to Manchester in 1973, then look no further than .

You’ve probably heard of it, seen as though when it came out nearly ten years ago it was the biggest thing on TV. And is there any wonder?

It’s a fantastic show, it’s gritty, funny, and it has you on the edge of your seat in every episode. You’ll fall in love with Gene Hunt, there’s no doubt in that. A man who seems like the biggest bully in Manchester, but really he’s a lion with a heart of gold that just wants to protect his kingdom.

It has that good old cop show vibe, but with a modern turn to it. With Sam coming from 2006, he is constantly referring to films, music, and technology that hasn’t yet come out. Seeing Sam Tyler try to convince his fellow policemen that their ways of policing aren’t efficient, and outdated is clever, as we realise how far technology has come in the past thirty years, when Sam is having to work of his hunch and little evidence he can find.

All the while, Sam is trying to find his way back home, and when he does… Well, I won’t ruin it for you.