It’s done, for me. Parks and Recreation has come to an end, after I’d finally trawled the internet and found the last season (7).

But if it wasn’t for Netflix, I wouldn’t have ever even watched Parks and Recreation.

I had seen the GIFs, everyone has seen that picture of Andy being incredibly excited, right? And the endless Ron Swanson quotes spread across Tumblr and Twitter, it was all nonsense to me until I decided to finally see what the big deal was. I mean, it can’t be as good was what everyone says, surely?

Wrong. It was better. Better than I could have ever imagined. I could sit here and gush to you for hours how much I love this show, reciting lines, telling you the plot to every episode, deciding whether I preferred Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry for the legendary Mr Gugridge (Damn it, Jerry). What was my favourite Andy and April moment? My favourite Leslie Knope compliment? Why you should have friends like Donna and Tom, how Ron Swanson became my spirit animal – I could do it all if you gave me a couple of hours. But I won’t. Instead, I’ll just tell you what I got from Parks and Recreation.

You see, Parks and Recreation is more than just another Netflix gem. Over a matter of time it became what I went to when I was sad or ill, it became something me and my new, at the time, boyfriend bonded over, it was something I quoted, something I began to live by. It was a series that finally brought comedy to the 21st century, the leading women were funny! – and not funny as in they nagged and were completely irrational, they had their own stage, their own personalities. I fell in love with Andy Dwyer, and I intend to marry my Andy Dwyer. I belly laughed when sat in a room by myself, and I felt so involved with the characters that in the season six finale I got goosebumps during ‘5,000 Candles’.

I already miss you Parks and Rec, and especially you Lil’ Sebastian.