*Warning – contains spoilers to shows you really should know the ending of

You invest a lot of time into a TV show, right? Then the show gets cancelled, or gets so muddled up the writers don’t know what they’re doing anymore and it gets to the end of the show and… it’s a terrible ending to a series you loved, and one the enrages you. Here are 5 of my .





I love cop shows, if you find any I can guarantee I’ve watched all the series, and Moonlighting was one of them. It’s not broadcast anymore, so I bought the DVDs and it was all great, great show up until the final season. Bruce Willis had hair and wanted to show it off in more Die Hard films before it eventually left him, and Cybill Shepherd had had two babies and wanted to leave acting on TV. The rating went down, as did the show, and eventually it got cancelled. Because they didn’t have any build up to a TV show finale, they did a cheap and quick job. You know what they did? They got Maddie and David to go back to their office to find that all this time they were working on a TV show and it had gotten cancelled. I have never been so angry at a fourth-wall break.




I love this show, I honestly do. I’ve even written a piece about it before. It’s storyline was simple, four aliens came from space under the order of the Big Giant Head, and all they have to do is figure out how we humans live. They get themselves into hilarious situations, and it is a true good ol’ 90’s American Sitcom. Dick was my favourite character, and he fell in love with a fellow lecturer; Mary Albright. In the last episode, Dick tells Mary he’s an alien, and although she wants to go away with them she realises she can’t leave Earth (bummer, right?). You know what Dick does? He erases her memory, but only Mary’s. He erases the memory of him, so what’s going to happen when anyone talks to Mary and says “Hey, where’s that bloke you’ve been seeing for five years?” and she has no idea what they’re talking about. Oh and you know how he erases that memory? Giving her a blow to the neck to make her unconscious.




It should have just ended when Charlie Sheen went Bi-Winning.




I invested years of my life into this show. I watched it from the begninning, I was in the fansite, I got Lost magazines sent to my house, when I was 16 I put on the lottery and you know what numbers I used? 4 8 15 16 23 42… even years later I still remember those stupid numbers.

And I loved the show, I stuck up for it through the polar bears, through Jacob, through Hurley throwing a Hotpocket at Ben… everything! And what was that ending? They were all alive for a few seasons, then they were all dead. Stuck in limbo. What?

For Godsake. I was rooting for the military experiment theory.





For 9 series I rooted for Ted to find his girl with the yellow umbrella. Admittedly, I was late to How I Met Your Mother, and I did binge it all in a few long sessions during a summer on Netflix. Which made the ending even more of a blow. All of those hours, wasted.

You know what they did? They made you fall in love with the Mother, and with Ted’s love story all for it to be taken away because guess what?! She’s dead! And apparently the whole story was just a long ass story so that he could ask his kids if he could go out with Robin. I hate this show.