Have you ever imagined what it would be like to see in an improvised sketch where he plays a fictionalized version of himself?

For those of you who answered yes to the question, and I can imagine there will be many, the Hoff is coming to UK screens on 18 June for the beginning of a six-part, ‘semi-improvised’ comedy .

The new series, called ‘Hoff The Record’, will be aired on , and will follow David Hasselhoff as he ‘pretends’ to ignite his career and make a come-back in the UK.

But after realising the film is as shoddy as his music career, David embarks on igniting the moments in his career that truly fulfilled him.

Hasselhoff goes back to Berlin, where he brought down the Berlin wall with his singing, and meets a son whom he never knew he had, that was the result of a lustful night 25 years ago.

Hoff The Record is made by the same award winning company that brought you An Idiot Abroad.

And to celebrate DAVE will be renaming themselves DAVID for the day the pilot is aired.