I have a habit of falling in love with programmes very easily, and watching them none stop and since I got a account, it’s been even easier to binge watch series.

was different for me though, I had seen so much hype around it that when I did finally begin to watch it, I wasn’t interested and never thought it could be as good as the British series.

Later, after seeing the clip I have pasted in below, I decided to catch up on it again, and I instantly fell in love with each character.

You see, the Office came to me at a time where I romanticized life so much that I never thought my ‘normal’ life would be anything spectacular. But watching the Office, I changed my whole frame of mind. It made me realise that love stories are exciting and amazing for those that are in it, Jim and Pam met at work, got married, and had babies – nothing out of the ordinary? Exactly. The fun, and the friendships they make are accessible, and each and every character is relatable.

I can always measure a programme by how in tune I can get with the characters, and even more so that when I’m on my own I will still laugh aloud – the Office did everything and more for me, especially making me laugh aloud when I was alone in my home.

I’m a part-time receptionist, and it made me enjoy my job a lot more – knowing that work can be a fun place, and I was even excited to go to work.

Office, this is an ode to you.