This week, Vulture Hound’s hidden Netflix gem is the sweary, political comedy show that created a cult storm back in the mid naughties.

Originally, The Thick Of It released 2 series in the nineties, and after a long break they released, what I think of as, their better episodes.

The comedy series was first suggested to me when studying journalism, and our lecturer mentioned that if we ever want to know how politics works – watch The Thick Of It. To me, from that small sentence, it sounded extremely boring and I avoided it like the plague… until I caught some Malcolm Tucker clips surfacing the internet when Peter Capaldi (Tucker) was introduced as the new Doctor. That’s when I fell in love.

Luckily, all of the episodes were on Netflix, and still are.

I suggest watching from the third series if you want constant Malcolm Tucker popping out of nowhere, and Glen finally getting angry and having a small meltdown – for which he gets taken the piss out of him for… it’s a beautiful programme!

The premise is simple; it’s set within the acting government, spitting out hatred for tabloid journalists, colourful insults from the most aggressive Spin Doctor you could imagine (ignoring… you know who), and following the career of the newest leader of the Department of Social Affairs.

It’s a brilliant, brilliant series – one of my favourite modern BBC comedies.